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Monday, 3 September 2018

Forest Hill

I start this time with something I wrote to day 4-10-17. It just seem to fall at 
my feet as I lay in my bed wondering what should I put to paper to get my blog
on its way once again. It started as a poem, then I just let it flow on to turn out 
to be whatever it turns out to be. I fully believe in life there is no set purpose for
almost anything in life but getting things done. Why I said almost is because some 
of us for certain reasons have to hold back, but  won’t go there. 

If we could include in our conversations sources of attractiveness that relate to our 
true feelings, and the true feelings of those we come in contact with without any kind 
of promises other than a source of goodwill,  
we could I believe save a lot of unnecessary 
problems in our lives.

Now I will have to pull myself together as I have just moved into a home in Forest Hill on the Shore.
 It will take me a number of days to get organized and checked over by a doctor 
which I’m told will do a lot more for me than the doctor did for me in my last home.
 Can you imagine I asked him what would it cost to have a consolation with a private specialist in regards to hellish
 problem I was having with my stomach, 
and he said about $400, so I said i can manage that, would you arrange that for me. Rubbing his chin he said I’ll think about it.

I didn’t see him for a few weeks after that. Then one afternoon he came in and I 
asked him did you make that arrangement for me, again he said I’ll think about it. 
I was feeling so rotten I could have easily exploded, but at the same time 
I suddenly realised this man had no sense of compassion as far as I was concerned because he never looked 
with any sense of compassion deep into my eyes. So from life's experience to where I am now, I knew that I would get nowhere with him. I felt like telling him he should read Norman Cousins Autobiography, but I’m fairly sure he would have said, I’ll think about it.

I have received wonderful attention since I arrived a few days ago into this lovely home here in Forrest Hill. It also brings back a lot of lovely memories for me because I used to play tennis from time to time in the courts just down the road from here. I played some of the best tennis I played on those courts. Sadly enough it was on these courts I had to give it up because of arm and shoulder problems at the age of 80. But Thank God I managed to play golf for another four years after I got a few cortisone injections. I’ll try just about anything to keep old age race as long as I can. It was a bit painful at times, but no pain no joy.

I often think to myself how strange life can be about what the future has in store for us human beings. Here I am fortunate enough to be in a private home not far from where I played a game I enjoyed so much, and also enriched by wonderful people that I played with. And now in place which in all probability will see my life out for me. But I have I have a wonderful family, and made many wonderful friends. And I have also travelled to many places that has taken me of that narrow road that where so many people lose their way I’m so sorry to have to say. 
All ready I am making new friends and sharing all sorts of values with them. Even with my problems I feel a greater sense of richness that I still have more to do with my life. How it will come about is not for me think about, but rather act on whatever is presented to me in the best way I can. And the category that falls into at the moment is my battle with Spark changing my landline over to another Number. Nine times in battle with them and they still haven’t got it right. They tell you when you ring in this call will be used for training purpose,
I’m can’t in any way see them honestly putting my story in for training purposes,
can you. And I would be very interested to honestly here them do just that. Will 
I ever know, I doubt it very much but I’d still like them to tell me honestly why this all happened. And I mean “Honestly.

As I am making preparations for my 90, and getting settled in here this will be a 
short blog, but it has a fair kick in it to pass on a few things that might be of some interest to my fans. And I am very grateful for the views you give me, interested or not.
Please God i will get one or two in before Christmas, and I am hoping to have 
some stories from other people have asked me to put something on my blog for them. As I said in my last blog I will put some of my poems In as well. 

So till I get going again I hope all is well with as many as possible of you lovely
people, and a prayer to all that things are not going so well for.

                     Well Congratulations Terry you’ve
                    made it into 90 bracket. So after
                  giving myself a soft clap on the back
                   I now am going to wander from 
                   pillar to post. It really doesn't matter
                   what I come up with as long as I am 
                   throwing a challenge out there for   
                   someone to respond to me. So far
                   very little. But That makes me all the
                    more determined so here I go again

Even though my stomach is still awaiting a decision that was forwarded to the North Shore Hospital in july but was told that they never received it, 
which I find 
very hard to believe because the people in the last home swore it had been sent. So  I am left with no other option to go on with could be unnecessary
 suffering. The mental people have to check me out before a pain relief to the 
nearest point can be given to me. So at the moment I am taking hit and miss tablets. I think that’s a fair description
So with a bit of luck, and a plunge into faith, something may happen soon. I won’t go into what’s been happening since I arrived in Forrest Hill Home 
in regards to my old body, but I might have an answer on Friday but I won't hold my breath.
Well, back again with with the information that as regards my stomach they can do no more for me so other than feed me with drugs till I gladly move on. Yes, I am quite happy to do that after I have seen and done a lot more than what I felt
what was on the cards for me. But while I’m waiting, and there’s still a bit of life 
left in the old dog yet, I’ll carry on and see what this old carry pigeon has to drop at your feet.

My daughter Rachel and three of her children are off to Ireland for a three week fun time. And I hope she will bring me some news to put on my blog at 
a later date. Might find a few skeletons that I missed out on being dragged up between the Orange and the Green. But as someone said: 
Faith is never unfair to anyone.
We are all free to love or hate what we do.
I have a big challenge coming my way. For the last five months I have been trying to find out who brought the Word Religion into being. 
Now one person must have given it birth, or maybe a group got together when someone said” “That sounds good, and they held a vote on it.
 Anyway I have a dislike for the name because I feel it destroys just about everything that derives from if you look at it closely, 
and God knows look what it has left in its wake. So little old me has come up with something that I believe could fit into just about 
everyone's of thinking and being. “Faith” Play around with it for a while then let it sink into you for a while. As the saying goes” 
Out with the old and in with the New.

I was going to write a short article on this but am at the moment need to find where the word Religion got its birth. But if not I will still throw 
The Word “Faith 
into the arena and see what kind of a response I might get

What I feel about the word religion is something I very much dislike about its past. To me it still remains stuck in blood bath of suffering.
 I won’t go into the facts and figures as both the as you only go to your computer, do some reading,
then put a very honest picture together and eventually you’ll start to put some 
very questionable conclusions to start you wondering about.
So I threw out the words Religion and Faith to both my family and friends without any real discussion other than to ask which 
one had more meaning for them, and not one said Religion.
It will be interesting to get some feedback on this, but yes or now I am really going to open this one up at a later date. 

I will finish with the family trip to New Zealand. My daughter Rachel found it among her mother's papers after she passed away. 
Never know might be some still around that took that flight with us. My wife and I were very busy looking after a three month old.
 A year and a half month old, and a four and a half month old. That didn’t give us much time to spend with people. Talk about a slow boat to China.

Dublin to London- Saturday 2nd October 1965.
Viscount - St Colleth Flying at 1500 ft 
Comet 4. Speed  500/800 mph
London to Frankfurt  -  1 hour 20 mins 25/30,000 ft temp 60 deg
Frankfurt to Damascius - 4 and half hours. arrive 11.15  Alt  33,000ft
temp 68 deg
Damascius to Adadan  - 3 hours 45 mins temp 70 deg
Adadan to Bombay - 34,000 ft temp at 8.30am 86 deg
Bombay to Colombo - 34,000 ft temp 86 deg 
Colombo to Singapore - 86 deg at 8.30pm
Singapore to Darwin - altitude 24/31,000 ft speed 500 temp 73 deg at 4.10
Darwin to Sydney - 24,000/ 31,000 ft 11am 66 deg
Sydney to Auckland - 3 hours 40 mins temp 60 deg

Arrived in Auckland at Whenuapai Airport on October 4th 1965
I am well aware Colombo is no longer part of of flight that old flight plan,
but it was when we took it. A little bit of the change of history that enveloped
us on our trip. Probably about the jump I did at Skippers Canyon in the 60ties 
It I believe is no longer rated as a safe place to jump, so I’m told so they built another one. 

I would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas, and hope to have an interesting time with the name 
game Religion and Faith among items that my family will bring back for me to try and help me with the schooling I missed out on.

God Bless, and please consider making life something you can change for both this one, and the next.  

Terry Robinson   

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