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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Part 3 of my 89 years

Before I start into the New Year, let us if you don’t mind take a quick
memory glance back into 2016 Maybe we can take some of the good
moments and turn them into a better way of living our lives, by getting
rid of some of the rubbish that was never necessary in the first place.
And I am sure in some way most of us have collected some. I know I
have so you're not alone there.
As I continue with my blog I will mention some of them, or you can pick
them out. You notice that I include a certain amount of what may look
like riddles in the things I present to you, but I’m sure you’re all good at
solving what makes sense to you or not.

So I’m going to start off by returning to that letter I got from the Pope.
I had to do a certain amount of thinking of how I would answer it. And
you can pick up the fact I brought about a change to it from the original
request I was after. We can so easily get caught up in our own needs
that we miss the depth of the all-over picture.
So here is the letter I sent in reply to the letter I got from His Holiness,
Pope Francis.  

Dear Monsignor Paolo Borgia                                                     9-1 2017

I wish with all my heart and soul to ask you to thank His Holiness
Pope Francis for asking you to respond to my letter with the gracious
words he attached to it. The changes that have come over me since
receiving it, has even astonished my sense of humanity more than I
was ever capable of believing. I can’t really begin to express how much
closer to Our Lord Jesus Christ I feel within me since I received it.
Sometimes, things go beyond the power of expression when
someone or something touches the very depth of your soul.
As I am a man who is prepared to open himself to just about anything
he he thinks that encircles the great Power of God’s Love, I am going
to throw a number of things your way. And I humbly request you just
treat them in whatever manner that takes your fancy. Being an
Irishman, humour, music and being told off are the things I relish.
As Jesus says, “They will hate you because of me. That to me is a
privilege beyond all understanding.

As God has allowed me to reach 89 I am not in great shape, I don’t
question that in anyway whatever His purpose is for me. But I am
reasonably sure as my faith allows me to be, that this contact with
His Holiness was meant to be. And more so because I love things
that come in the number of three. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And
if you and Pope Francis won’t be offended in anyway, this letter
involves just that.
As my health keeps me from running away with myself. I now allow
myself to rise around ten, or eleven in the morning. I have
something to eat, then write a page from one of the gospels, then
do a little shopping, hoping to offer a smile or a kind word to
someone. Then I check my emails, and reply as soon as I can, then
start my Celtic colouring in. I am sending one to you.
Twice a week I go out singing if my stomach allows me. I just love
the joy that music brings me. And also the interaction that it brings
with it.

Now I no longer bother Your Holiness in regards to my annulment, just
let it be as it is. just let us say it was a way for me to reach out to Your
Holiness with something else Christ had in mind for me. And I do realise
that their are things that are impossible for you, Your Holiness to master.
It brings to mind for me when that young man asked Jesus, “Teacher
what must I do to get eternal life.
When Jesus told him, he said I have kept all these things, “What do I
Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go sell your possessions and
give it to the poor, and you will have treasure in Heaven. Then come and
follow Me. When the young man heard this, he went away sad, because
he had great wealth.
Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Truly I tell you, it is hard for someone
who is rich to enter The Kingdom of Heaven.
When the disciples heard this, they were greatly astonished and asked,
“Who then can be saved.
Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with
God all things are possible.

The point that I am trying to draw from this is, “You Pope Francis can
only do what you are capable of doing. Somethings are beyond your
great powers. Pope though you may be, at the end of the day, you are
still only a man. But a very special man.
What I have I have to back this up comes from Acts 10.
25-As Peter entered the house, Cornelius met him and fell at his feet in
reverence. 26-But Peter made him get up. “Stand up, he said, “I am
only a man.
I won’t add anything more to that other than to back up the fact that
God will have things the way He wants them. No power on earth or
Heaven will change that. As I see it all He asks of us to keep His
Commandments as best we can. His Power and Majesty will overcome
everything as He wishes it to be.

There is more I could say, but I feel as though Jesus Christ is touching
my fingers so that I may wind up this letter I was so compelled to write
to Your Holness. Mind you to be very honest I can only feel about Christ
touching my fingers in a very mild way. I don’t profess to be a holy
person, just a humble one.

Now the big change is for me to tell Your Holiness that I no longer want
you to bother about the protest I invaded you with about my
annulment. A much more important issue has come forth. A lovely
friend of mine called Alice who comes from Ireland told me that she
has a friend who has a daughter named Mechelle who has developed
a very bad spine problem. So instead of thinking of myself, I would be
very grateful if Your Holiness would pray for her.
Sometimes, we lose sight of the struggles of others because we become
so wrapped up in ourselves. But at the same time I would not have had
the opportunity to cover what ground I did, had I not felt what I believe
God prompted me to do.
Sometimes, there are reasons beyond reasons. They arrive at your
doorstep for you to accept, or not to accept. My book A Walk with an
Irishman about part of my life, illustrates that in a very honest and
humble way.

Now, I will finish off with something I do everyday. It might give Your
Holiness a small idea of passing it on to children, or for those who want
to get some real Spiritual value from The Gospel of Christ.
I write one page of one of the four gospels in the morning after breakfast.
That sets me up to deal with each day as best I can. And It's amazing how
how it helps me to deal with all sorts of issues.
I am sending you a written copy of part of John 4-This was the start of
setting up my gmail, and my blog. When I read John 4, and read 23-Yet a
time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship
The Father in The Spirit and Truth, for they are the kind of worshipers The
Father seeks. Then it hit me that was the answer to setting up my gmail.
I must tell you that I don’t call myself a Christian, but a Spiritual person.
And so far God hasn’t left me to linger on my own. And in no way do I
feel uncomfortable about my decision. It has brought me closer to
people in general. And I am willing to change direction to reach what I
feel God allows me to be, or not to be. I don’t feel that He want’s me to
be a yes,yes, man.From His Gospel He has a strong dislike for hypocrites.
As long as I am honest in all my actions and reactions, I pray that I am
not too far from Him.
So, I will finish this letter to Your Holiness, and try to follow the exciting
changes that has been placed before you. My humble prayers will
be with you, and  hope your graceful ones will be with us all as I
continue with my blog. I am also sending you a couple of photos
that came my way after making a couple of donations to a priest
I never met called Etienne. He was in Guinea Bissau at the time.
He is in France I believe right now. The other picture is of a lady
who also graced my life. And not only my life but many other lives,
Sister Yvonne Heffernan.
I must mention that I did not proofread my letter to His Holiness. I
only found a number of mistakes after I printed it out. So I’m sure
He will put two and  two together to make sense out of it. This
One on my blog I have done The best I could with.

So to finish off my letter to His Holiness I said I hope you will find
something of humble value in what I very openly place before
Your Holiness.

I shall not bother you again, and please do not ask my lovely
brother in Christ,Monsignor Paolo Borgia to write to me as God
has already rewarded me by receiving your letter, and allowing
me to answer it.

Please let the three of us pray for each other as we wait for that
day when Christ I pray will open His House to ask us in,

                                    Yours with all the Love I can Muster
                                       Terry Terence Frank Wentworth

That completes another little venture in the life that is still wandering
around in me. What may come of it only God Himself knows. I am just
the sower, He decides how, and where it germinates.
Our time on this earth requires patience, courage and imagination.
From there emerges both our spiritual skills and the richness of our
Till my fingers react to the next edition of my blog, may your lives be
true to both yourself and others.