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Friday, 11 November 2016

Chapter 12


Not long after I got out of hospital after the first operation to get my water works flowing again, I got an email from Elizabeth in Melbourne asking me if  would like to come and spend a little time with her. She had moved into a new apartment she had purchased. Well, you already know what I’m like when opportunity knocks, no matter what the consequences may be. You can’t really have any kind of a life without consequences playing their part.
So, without giving any real thought to my weak condition I was in, I said yes. As I have already stated, I don’t like the word, No: even though you can have your share of regrets in not using it. And you will gather this from what I am about to unfold to you.

My plan was when I got there, was to amuse myself during the day while she was working. Then in the evenings we could talk, play chess, and amuse ourselves in general. Then at the weekends, take in the sights, and whatever.
One thing I forgot to mention which was to play something of a dramatic part in this little story, was the fact that my daughter Rachel had on request from me, painted a picture that I fell in love with the moment it was completed. And I was going no distance without it. So I packed it carefully into a cardboard case I made up for it, and along with my other gear set off for the airport.
Well, the first part of this well meaning, but sad story started when I lifted my luggage bag onto the weighing scales. I felt a sharp pain between my legs, and then a leakage from my penis.
For a moment I felt this awful sensation going through my mind as to what I should do next. It was obvious that I had strained something in that area that had been causing me a lot of problems. The question was now, should I cancel my trip, or risk going on. It had to be a quick decision because I was going through the booking in procedure. Well, to coin a phrase, faint heart never won fair lady. Mind you that phrase had nothing to do with Elizabeth, her honest friendship was all I required, she would be far too strong a woman for me to get entangled with.

So, I decided being the crazy person that I am, plus taking myself on a another little adventure, I would take what faith had in store for me.
So after checking in, I took myself off to the toilet to see what I could do for myself. Lucky, I was wearing a pad because I did leak from time to time. So I cleaned myself up, then went upstairs to wait for my flight. As, I was on the way, I suddenly realised I was minus the most important piece of my luggage, my shaving bag which I carried my passport, and flight tickets. I rushed back to the toilet in panic, and gave a big sigh of relief to see it just where I’d left it when I had put all my gear down to sort myself out after coming out of the toilet.
I thanked God, then after waiting a while in the boarding lounge, made my way onto the aircraft without any more mishaps, and made my way to my seat hoping to relax for a while, after all I’d been through.
After we reached Melbourn, and got through the passport checkout, I went to collect my luggage. And as it appeared on carousel, I asked a man beside me if he would be kind enough to lift it off for me. I had done lifting for one day.
Later, after wandering around the outside terminal for about twenty minutes feeling very strung out because it was getting close to midnight, Elizabeth came running up telling me that she had to park her car further away than than she thought she might. Anyway, We hugged each other, and then made our way to her car. I didn’t go into too much detail about the about the trying experiences I had been through. I thought a good night’s rest would see me in better shape next morning.

Soon, after after we arrived at her place, she made me a cup of tea, and we chatted for a while. She said, I am getting a new bed for your room, but in the meantime all I have is a blow up bed. She showed it to me, and it looked o.k. So a little later I hit the sack. Well, I don’t know about you as far as blown up beds are concerned, but I felt like I was back in that bed John and his wife expected me to sleep in. The ribs sticking out between the loins, and the all-over discomfort, plus getting up and down to go to the toilet, was one hell of a long sleepless ill timed adventure. So just as I was praying for daylight to come, I had already decided without a shade of doubt that my holiday was no longer a priority, but getting back to New Zealand was.

So, after I heard Elizabeth get up, I got dressed and came out of my room and told her the full story of what had happened. I didn’t say anything about the bed. No need to rub it in any more than I had to. And also the fact that I no longer had face another night on it.

I said Elizabeth, I am very sorry to have to tell you that I must head back to New Zealand because I feel in need of hospital medical treatment. Trying to get it here is nothing short of time consuming and upset for both of us. Naturally she was both surprised, and disappointed. So she said, I will go to work and book you a flight back to New Zealand. She rang me later to say that she had booked a flight that would get me into Auckland around 1pm. She said I won’t be able to take you to the airport, because I can’t get home in time to take you there. I have arranged for a taxi to get you there.
I thanked her very much, and said I will try and make it up to you at a later date.

About an hour after Elizabeth rang, I rang my daughter Alex to tell her what had happened. She said, “Dad I’m proud of you. Even though you knew the odds were against you, you still went and did it. I burst into tears. It was just what I needed at that particular moment. Then she said, let me have your flight number, and I will pick you up at the airport. I said that will be around one in the morning, you have to go to work, I will get a taxi. She said, no you won’t, just do as you're told. I thought to myself, at times like this I don’t mind doing what I’m told.

The taxi arrived in good time and whisked me off to the airport..
I collected my ticket, then waited till it was time to to pass through the checkout. While I was waiting, I started to reflect on all that had happened in that short space of time. I guess at times like this you start to question the whys, and why nots of your actions. Apart from feeling a bit sorry for myself, and upsetting Elizabeth, there had to be a deeper motive, or learning curb behind my actions. And I’m sure some of you have been in some sort of a similar situation, at one time or another. I would be interested to hear from someone who would like to express their feelings on this sort of topic.
What I write about myself, or those who touch my life is not meant to convey a dull story of everyday life, but something meaningful to both you and I. For that’s where life begins, and then flows onto wherever it may take us, providing we don’t give up on it. What we have to say is never the first or last word on anything. It’s all been said before, but there’s always room for plenty of improvement.

As I was sitting there completely engrossed in myself, I suddenly noticed a couple filling in a departure form which I had completely forgotten to do. So I quickly filled it in. No sooner had I completed it, it was time to go through the departure gate. When I handed my passport to the officer, he asked me how I was, and did I enjoy my short stay in Melbourne. I told him roughly about my mishap, and he very gently sympathized with me. A real nice caring person. Then, as I went on towards where they have to make sure that you're not carrying any prohibited goods, or such like, I suddenly realised I hadn’t got the picture that my daughter Rachel had painted for me. Talk about alarm bells going off in my head, I’m sure a few people must have heard them, because of my reactions. I rushed back to where that lovely passport officer called James was seated, and told him about my dilemma. 
He got up straight away and said, “Let’s go back and look for it. “But I said, I will be taking you away from your important job. Don’t worry about that he said, there’s plenty of of us here. Let’s go and see if we can find your picture. Well, off we went to check out the two places where I had been sitting.
 But no picture. I said, thank you James, but it looks like it's gone. I must say my heart was sinking into my shoes, for I really loved that picture. And what would my daughter say. Then James said, “Let’s not give up on it just yet. So he took me to the Lost Property Office which seemed a million miles away because I was leaking, and really worn out because of what was happening. “Well, when we arrived there I could hardly believe my eyes, for there on the back counter was my picture as large as life, unwrapped from the packing I had placed it in. They had to open it to make sure there was nothing dangerous in it. After all I was an Irishman.
I thanked the lady behind the counter, and never stopped thanking James for his kindness to me. And I would like that to go on record at Melbourne Airport.

Well, I had a good flight back to New Zealand, and my daughter Alex was there to take me back to my little flat in Northcote. We had a few laughs about my little crazy adventure.

I am now going to wind up my blog and my story attached to it.
My plan now is get what I can of my continuing life story into some kind of cheap book form, then put it together for those of you who might like to read it. After that, I will go back into my blog and let the weeds and flowers that will flow from my mind, have their own say. 

Hope those of you who have tuned into my blog find some kind of a helping hand, or maybe a smile or two from it.

God Bless for now.