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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Looking back on my Walk


I will leave New Beginnings for a while I give you around a hundred pages from where I left off with my book, A Walk With An Irishman. But expect a few variations as I touch on the lives of people who help me on my journey in some way or another.

The first one whom I am really obligated too is my good friend Patrick O' Reilly. Last weekend while my daughter Rachel was away in Ireland, he came round on the Sunday and fixed the washing machine, the wall switch, and put two new bulbs on the high wall lights in the lounge. He did a few more things for me, but I don’t want to embarrass him, just trying to tell you that people like him pushes the borders of friendship to that place of humanity that has to be a part of Heaven itself.

The next person I give thanks to within the last few weeks is a lady called Lynn. She replaced my super catheter last week. What a lovely nurse and human being. She went over my case history with a fine comb, and then put everything on her computer for further reviewing. And she also explained how I should be treating myself which has been a lot more easing than before.

The last one is related to the A.N.Z. Bank. I needed some advice on filling in a form of good will. I was in the Queue in the bank in the Mall in Takapuna and this lady who was sitting at a desk on the other side of the counter came up behind me and asked if she could help me, I thanked her and went and sat down on a chair opposite her and explained my problem to her. 

She checked out the paperwork I placed before her, and said. You are missing the form we need to fill in for this transaction. I apologised, and said I would go back and get it. Then we had a little chat and I said I would put her on my blog for being so kind to me. Her name is Eila Zhang.

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