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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Introduction to my continued Walk.

I did put a certain amount of the further part of my life on my blog because I was either too lazy, or not feeling up to writing a second one. But on the 21st of February 2016 something like a bolt hit me out of the blue, and set a flame of what one might call a burst of enthusiastic enthusiasm to become more involved in what I had left of my life. Without going into the pros and cons of a few health issues that also allowed this sense of laziness to overcome me, I made a promise to myself to go all out and try and try to complete what was possible for me to do with the remainder of my life. It was like God telling me, if you can’t find the answer to something you would like to know about, look for it in the most unlikely places no matter what problems may be facing you. 
Quite similar to what I believe He threw at me when I started to change my life around. Mind you I was in better condition then. But While is still burning within you it still has to be lived. The only real escape clause you have is death. And even that only God can put His Finger on the pulse of. We are taught to assume by man, but as you and I well know, only God has the last say I all things.
So, that’s what I am about as I not only write about myself, but also the twists and turns that take me from one dawn to another. This blog will be placed before you without me making any attempt to have it proofread or anything else in that direction. 

And there will be a mixture of wisdom, craziness and other aspects for those who are prepared to read it with an in depth sense of simple honesty. For those who are not prepared to follow this train of thought, please don’t even give it a second thought. You see my imagination leads me to invisible and discoverable experiences not to be analyzed, but more to become lost in. The only chance I really believe we have of finding ourselves, is to first lose ourselves, then maybe we can discover that new beginnings are always a library we can draw new ideas from.

I am nearly always on automatic pilot looking for new things to become involved in, and then work my way through them to produce a result here and there to place at God’s Feet. And whatever He may or may not think of them, is no longer any concern of mine. He gave me a choice to become involved in them, and then move on to other thing’s. That’s what I believe life and living is all about for those of us who wish to become some sort of real human beings. And if you don’t believe in God, do it for your sense of satisfaction, or for those you love, or would like to encourage, and let me tell you that you will be amazed of what you are capable of achieving. 
And in this sense of direction you don’t get caught up in societies endless laws and regulations which in so many cases are nothing short of all sorts of unpredictability that that can lead you into a forest where you become lost. 
As I view life through my experiences on this beautiful planet life is not easy at times by any means, but s long as I look at my inconveniences as though they were lessons I needed to learn, I soon find myself back on track again with stronger values than I previously had.
Value systems come in all kinds of symbols and verbal languages that can become very hurtful, and in many ways destructive. I meet a lot of people as I travel from stepping stone, to stepping stone. And on many occasions find myself amazed, dumbfounded, or left with a humorous grin on my face at some of the remarks people tie themselves into. All those defensive mechanisms that people build around themselves with the imaginative idea that they are protecting themselves. No wonder they never embrace life and live it to the fullest opportunity they can by letting it grab them by the earlobes, and letting it take them where it will. 

There is nothing to be frightened about which I can vouch for. Yes, tingling sensations up and down your spine, and other off beaten track sensations, but the deep sense of fear plays no part in it. And it's nothing to do with age, education or whatever you might chose to block your mind with. So please don’t deny yourself that great pleasure of experiencing every moment of all those qualities that contain love, laughter, music, pain struggle and companionship. 
And one final thing before I start my Walk again. I may not give you a lot of structured information about parts of my Walk such as dates and certain other things. My Walk is more a sense of Spiritual Enlightenment to try and show you how free you can be when you step away from the things that enslave your mind, and your unconsciousness. My Walk is meant to simply flow like a river, and gather little as little moss as possible that might hold you down. Simple to follow because it resonates with Spiritual Truth.

So till chapter 1 comes your way next time around, I bid you well with your outlook on life.


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