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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Chapter 3

Then what seemed no time at all, it was time to pack my humble belongings and head back to Australia, and try my luck on what faith and Australia had to offer me, or maybe what I had to offer faith and Australia. I am only important to life if I have something to offer it. Unless I become hooked on equating myself with new forms of learning, I avoid the challenge of creating a new self. Yes, in the depth of my thoughts I am limited to nothing.

I left my old bomb of a car with my daughter Rachel, and asked her to see if she could give it away to someone who was very hard up. I felt that to try and sell it would be a cardinal sin that even the Pope couldn’t forgive. Mind you, I now have learned to ask God to forgive me as man has no power whatsoever to offer me forgiveness for my transgressions. No one but God can offer me the leaf of forgiveness. I do apologise to those who may find me out of line at times, but that is on the lower scale of human forgiveness..

But be it a cardinal sin or not, Rachel sold my old bomb to someone who was trying to teach his daughter how to drive. I won’t advance any more comment on that other than to say, thanks Rachel for all the dirty washing I left you to do for me over the years, and still doing it for me to this very day.
So I booked a one way ticket to Sydney, then took a taxi to a reasonable priced motel in one of my favorite hunting grounds in Kings Cross. I booked in for a couple of nights to give me a little time to read the local rag, so that I could find a more accommodating venue to suit my dollar worn bank account.

The next day early in the morning I took myself to Social Welfare so as to get back on the Australian pension. I must say that the man that interviewed me was a really nice guy, and very clever and understanding with how he went about his job.

About a week or so later I was back on the Australian pension. After reading the local rag, I found a room in a hotel in Enmore Road in Newtown. I must admit it was not a good choice as I had to keep the windows open because it was quite warm, and the traffic and the weekend music, if you can call it that, left a lot to be desired.

Then good fortune struck me as I came across a room to let for $90 in the same street I was living in. Mind, you, I can’t recommend the living side of it, but impetuous people like myself, tend to build their own traps foolishly, or foolishly. Real knowledge I feel is to know the extent of one’s ignorance, so I must still be in there with a chance?

I called into this house the same day i read the add in the paper. I was greeted by a very pleasant gentleman whose name escapes me, and taken to this very small room at the back of the house. Yes, I must admit that it was quite small, but what caught my eye was this lovely small but well foliage d tree just outside the window. I fell in love with it straight away. If ever there was a tree person, I am one of them. And not only was that a good omen for me, but the gentleman who showed me the room seemed a real happy-go-lucky kind of person, that put me at my ease straight away. Him and his charming wife live there as caretakers of the house. That of course made up my mind right on the spot, so I handed him $180 right there and then to cover two weeks rent. I must say it was a great relief to be out of that noisy hotel room, and into a small but very peaceful room at the rear of the house.

During my previous stay in Sydney, I had rented quite a few rooms, but this one was quite something else. And what made it that something else, was this lovely small tree covered in clear green leaves so close to the one window in that room.
As the days went by, I used to sing and talk to this tree as i lay relaxed on my bed whenever I was not gallivanting about. And when I saw the leaves move in the wind, I felt it was returning its sentiments to me.
A few days later I went back to that home for destitute men called The Matthew Talbot I talked about in my book. I wanted to catch up with my lovely friend Sister Yvonne. I also thought I might try my hand at helping out just to see what if i could fit in there or not, as I had no fixed plain as to what direction I was heading.
I went in to help out after the men had finished their lunch. As I was clearing the dishes from one of the tables, a guy seemed to come out of nowhere and punched me on the jaw. I can just remember him looking down at me as my eyes seemed to be covered in a haze. It happened so suddenly that all I was left with was that hazy reflection of my assailant, but enough to remember that I had seen him in the past sometimes looking at me with a strange look on his face. Mind you I did get some weird looks during the three years I was there, but never got bad mouthed, or attacked. I guess my happy go lucky attitude can rub certain people up the wrong way, especially in a place like The Matthew Talbot. But at the same time, if one is false to himself, he will always be false to others. All we have is a certain amount of time to make our presence felt. And I must say that at times I may have felt a bit uncomfortable, but never out of my depth doing what God had placed me there for.
As, I was helped back to my feet I was asked what happened, so I just said someone had taken a dislike to
me, and slowly put my pride in my pocket, and made my way back to my lodgings. My jaw was quite sore for a few days, but luckily nothing more came of it.

I went back to The Matthew Talbot about a week later to see Sister Yvonne to tell her what had happened. She had heard nothing about it. After offering me a few kind words of sympathy, she hit me right in the place I needed to be hit in. Terry, you should never have come back here. You did a wonderful job, and learned a lot of valuable lessons, and I enjoyed your company, but now it's time to move on and fill your life with something else. Well, two K.O.s in a short space of time was quite a shock for one’s system, but I must say both were very cleverly delivered. So after a few tears and hugs I left The Matthew Talbot for good. I said that I would keep in touch with her.
Till chapter 4, may love be your best friend all around you.

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