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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Chapter 1

Well, here I am again to try and present the best picture I can of some of the weird and wonderful experiences which God has has allowed me the privilege to take part in. And God willing there could be something to follow that as life flows on through me.
So please once again put your hand in mine, and let’s vibrate together as I try to share a little more of myself and those people who have touched my life with their graciousness.
I ask you please to try and feel with me the ability we have within us to relate those beautiful experiences we have of sharing the Love we gather from each other’s souls. Your story is just important as mine. And maybe even more than mine. But the all-over picture as i see it, is that we do learn to communicate with each other in whatever form we can. As you will see from my blog I am forever trying to reach out to others with all sorts of patterns to try and keep my soul intact. And whether I succeed or fail in my quest in the mission I have set for myself, I have only God to judge my every movement Man’s judgement of me comes and goes just like a fleeting glance. I am not here to satisfy those with extravagant imaginations, only my own. And let me tell you I have one hell of an imagination.
Whatever God created me for is only known to Him. So in many ways my life is full of guesswork. But to me that is the great battle that in some way will be brought to it’s own conclusion as it has already be deemed for me.
So, now I will lead you into***** Chapter 1

When I arrived back in New Zealand in the dying months of it’s winter of 1996, after my wonderful trip to Australia, America and England, and then on to the land of my birth, plus all those exciting places I passed through, and all the beautiful people I shared time with, I was greeted by members of my family and whisked off to my daughters family house in Birkenhead to relate to my family what their crazy father had got himself involved in, as flew from pillar to post. For those of you who have read my book, I’m sure you will be well aware of that by now.
A few weeks later after all the excitement had died down, there slowly came over me a longing to go back into that world of timeless adventure where nothing seems to matter but one step into the next. That shear wave of excitement mixed with should I go this way, or that way.
Maybe this poem of mine will in-circle that statement. It’s called. To Taste.


                I came to taste a little more of life.
                   To experience that sense of curiosity
                  that at times can send a tingling shiver
                       down my spine to awaken my darkness
                     to awaken my darkness to an even
                   greater light. For without that Spiritual
                          light my purpose on this earth would
                                         be very dismal indeed.

As the weeks ticked over that need to be on the move once again was slowly pushing my needs to be fulfilled once again, so Australia would be the cheapest stepping stone for my wandering and restless soul. So with that sense of satisfaction in my mind I settled down to life in New Zealand.
I needed a cheap car which is the norm in my changed life style of living. My daughter Rachel had a girlfriend whose husband had a car to sell. Give away would have been a better title for the word sell. It was a Honda 1500. He wanted $1200 for it. Yes, you’re right, it was an old bomb. It was registered, but needed a Warrant of Fitness. So I thought to myself after a drive in it, beggars can’t be choosers, I’ll take it providing it passes a W.O.F. So he took me to his mates garage and I got a very shady O.W.F. I’m quite sure the Tasting Station in Takapuna would have advised me to take it to the tip had we gone there. But on receiving the W.O.F. I must admit that I was just as guilty as the guy who gave it to me. So with a set of wheels, and a six month reprieve under my belt, I now had enough time to schedule my return trip to Australia.
At this time I was living with my daughter Rachel and her family, so I had some extra money to spend on the things necessary for my fitness and enjoyment such as golf, tennis, swimming, music and snooker.
Being a Spiritual person, wrapped in the philosophy of Jesus with no attachment of any kind of religion  , other than to have a mixture of respect for them, I spotted an article in the local rag on this particular day which was headed, God and love.






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