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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Chapter 3

Then what seemed no time at all, it was time to pack my humble belongings and head back to Australia, and try my luck on what faith and Australia had to offer me, or maybe what I had to offer faith and Australia. I am only important to life if I have something to offer it. Unless I become hooked on equating myself with new forms of learning, I avoid the challenge of creating a new self. Yes, in the depth of my thoughts I am limited to nothing.

I left my old bomb of a car with my daughter Rachel, and asked her to see if she could give it away to someone who was very hard up. I felt that to try and sell it would be a cardinal sin that even the Pope couldn’t forgive. Mind you, I now have learned to ask God to forgive me as man has no power whatsoever to offer me forgiveness for my transgressions. No one but God can offer me the leaf of forgiveness. I do apologise to those who may find me out of line at times, but that is on the lower scale of human forgiveness..

But be it a cardinal sin or not, Rachel sold my old bomb to someone who was trying to teach his daughter how to drive. I won’t advance any more comment on that other than to say, thanks Rachel for all the dirty washing I left you to do for me over the years, and still doing it for me to this very day.
So I booked a one way ticket to Sydney, then took a taxi to a reasonable priced motel in one of my favorite hunting grounds in Kings Cross. I booked in for a couple of nights to give me a little time to read the local rag, so that I could find a more accommodating venue to suit my dollar worn bank account.

The next day early in the morning I took myself to Social Welfare so as to get back on the Australian pension. I must say that the man that interviewed me was a really nice guy, and very clever and understanding with how he went about his job.

About a week or so later I was back on the Australian pension. After reading the local rag, I found a room in a hotel in Enmore Road in Newtown. I must admit it was not a good choice as I had to keep the windows open because it was quite warm, and the traffic and the weekend music, if you can call it that, left a lot to be desired.

Then good fortune struck me as I came across a room to let for $90 in the same street I was living in. Mind, you, I can’t recommend the living side of it, but impetuous people like myself, tend to build their own traps foolishly, or foolishly. Real knowledge I feel is to know the extent of one’s ignorance, so I must still be in there with a chance?

I called into this house the same day i read the add in the paper. I was greeted by a very pleasant gentleman whose name escapes me, and taken to this very small room at the back of the house. Yes, I must admit that it was quite small, but what caught my eye was this lovely small but well foliage d tree just outside the window. I fell in love with it straight away. If ever there was a tree person, I am one of them. And not only was that a good omen for me, but the gentleman who showed me the room seemed a real happy-go-lucky kind of person, that put me at my ease straight away. Him and his charming wife live there as caretakers of the house. That of course made up my mind right on the spot, so I handed him $180 right there and then to cover two weeks rent. I must say it was a great relief to be out of that noisy hotel room, and into a small but very peaceful room at the rear of the house.

During my previous stay in Sydney, I had rented quite a few rooms, but this one was quite something else. And what made it that something else, was this lovely small tree covered in clear green leaves so close to the one window in that room.
As the days went by, I used to sing and talk to this tree as i lay relaxed on my bed whenever I was not gallivanting about. And when I saw the leaves move in the wind, I felt it was returning its sentiments to me.
A few days later I went back to that home for destitute men called The Matthew Talbot I talked about in my book. I wanted to catch up with my lovely friend Sister Yvonne. I also thought I might try my hand at helping out just to see what if i could fit in there or not, as I had no fixed plain as to what direction I was heading.
I went in to help out after the men had finished their lunch. As I was clearing the dishes from one of the tables, a guy seemed to come out of nowhere and punched me on the jaw. I can just remember him looking down at me as my eyes seemed to be covered in a haze. It happened so suddenly that all I was left with was that hazy reflection of my assailant, but enough to remember that I had seen him in the past sometimes looking at me with a strange look on his face. Mind you I did get some weird looks during the three years I was there, but never got bad mouthed, or attacked. I guess my happy go lucky attitude can rub certain people up the wrong way, especially in a place like The Matthew Talbot. But at the same time, if one is false to himself, he will always be false to others. All we have is a certain amount of time to make our presence felt. And I must say that at times I may have felt a bit uncomfortable, but never out of my depth doing what God had placed me there for.
As, I was helped back to my feet I was asked what happened, so I just said someone had taken a dislike to
me, and slowly put my pride in my pocket, and made my way back to my lodgings. My jaw was quite sore for a few days, but luckily nothing more came of it.

I went back to The Matthew Talbot about a week later to see Sister Yvonne to tell her what had happened. She had heard nothing about it. After offering me a few kind words of sympathy, she hit me right in the place I needed to be hit in. Terry, you should never have come back here. You did a wonderful job, and learned a lot of valuable lessons, and I enjoyed your company, but now it's time to move on and fill your life with something else. Well, two K.O.s in a short space of time was quite a shock for one’s system, but I must say both were very cleverly delivered. So after a few tears and hugs I left The Matthew Talbot for good. I said that I would keep in touch with her.
Till chapter 4, may love be your best friend all around you.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Chapter 1

Well, here I am again to try and present the best picture I can of some of the weird and wonderful experiences which God has has allowed me the privilege to take part in. And God willing there could be something to follow that as life flows on through me.
So please once again put your hand in mine, and let’s vibrate together as I try to share a little more of myself and those people who have touched my life with their graciousness.
I ask you please to try and feel with me the ability we have within us to relate those beautiful experiences we have of sharing the Love we gather from each other’s souls. Your story is just important as mine. And maybe even more than mine. But the all-over picture as i see it, is that we do learn to communicate with each other in whatever form we can. As you will see from my blog I am forever trying to reach out to others with all sorts of patterns to try and keep my soul intact. And whether I succeed or fail in my quest in the mission I have set for myself, I have only God to judge my every movement Man’s judgement of me comes and goes just like a fleeting glance. I am not here to satisfy those with extravagant imaginations, only my own. And let me tell you I have one hell of an imagination.
Whatever God created me for is only known to Him. So in many ways my life is full of guesswork. But to me that is the great battle that in some way will be brought to it’s own conclusion as it has already be deemed for me.
So, now I will lead you into***** Chapter 1

When I arrived back in New Zealand in the dying months of it’s winter of 1996, after my wonderful trip to Australia, America and England, and then on to the land of my birth, plus all those exciting places I passed through, and all the beautiful people I shared time with, I was greeted by members of my family and whisked off to my daughters family house in Birkenhead to relate to my family what their crazy father had got himself involved in, as flew from pillar to post. For those of you who have read my book, I’m sure you will be well aware of that by now.
A few weeks later after all the excitement had died down, there slowly came over me a longing to go back into that world of timeless adventure where nothing seems to matter but one step into the next. That shear wave of excitement mixed with should I go this way, or that way.
Maybe this poem of mine will in-circle that statement. It’s called. To Taste.


                I came to taste a little more of life.
                   To experience that sense of curiosity
                  that at times can send a tingling shiver
                       down my spine to awaken my darkness
                     to awaken my darkness to an even
                   greater light. For without that Spiritual
                          light my purpose on this earth would
                                         be very dismal indeed.

As the weeks ticked over that need to be on the move once again was slowly pushing my needs to be fulfilled once again, so Australia would be the cheapest stepping stone for my wandering and restless soul. So with that sense of satisfaction in my mind I settled down to life in New Zealand.
I needed a cheap car which is the norm in my changed life style of living. My daughter Rachel had a girlfriend whose husband had a car to sell. Give away would have been a better title for the word sell. It was a Honda 1500. He wanted $1200 for it. Yes, you’re right, it was an old bomb. It was registered, but needed a Warrant of Fitness. So I thought to myself after a drive in it, beggars can’t be choosers, I’ll take it providing it passes a W.O.F. So he took me to his mates garage and I got a very shady O.W.F. I’m quite sure the Tasting Station in Takapuna would have advised me to take it to the tip had we gone there. But on receiving the W.O.F. I must admit that I was just as guilty as the guy who gave it to me. So with a set of wheels, and a six month reprieve under my belt, I now had enough time to schedule my return trip to Australia.
At this time I was living with my daughter Rachel and her family, so I had some extra money to spend on the things necessary for my fitness and enjoyment such as golf, tennis, swimming, music and snooker.
Being a Spiritual person, wrapped in the philosophy of Jesus with no attachment of any kind of religion  , other than to have a mixture of respect for them, I spotted an article in the local rag on this particular day which was headed, God and love.






Sunday, 21 August 2016

Introduction to my continued Walk.

I did put a certain amount of the further part of my life on my blog because I was either too lazy, or not feeling up to writing a second one. But on the 21st of February 2016 something like a bolt hit me out of the blue, and set a flame of what one might call a burst of enthusiastic enthusiasm to become more involved in what I had left of my life. Without going into the pros and cons of a few health issues that also allowed this sense of laziness to overcome me, I made a promise to myself to go all out and try and try to complete what was possible for me to do with the remainder of my life. It was like God telling me, if you can’t find the answer to something you would like to know about, look for it in the most unlikely places no matter what problems may be facing you. 
Quite similar to what I believe He threw at me when I started to change my life around. Mind you I was in better condition then. But While is still burning within you it still has to be lived. The only real escape clause you have is death. And even that only God can put His Finger on the pulse of. We are taught to assume by man, but as you and I well know, only God has the last say I all things.
So, that’s what I am about as I not only write about myself, but also the twists and turns that take me from one dawn to another. This blog will be placed before you without me making any attempt to have it proofread or anything else in that direction. 

And there will be a mixture of wisdom, craziness and other aspects for those who are prepared to read it with an in depth sense of simple honesty. For those who are not prepared to follow this train of thought, please don’t even give it a second thought. You see my imagination leads me to invisible and discoverable experiences not to be analyzed, but more to become lost in. The only chance I really believe we have of finding ourselves, is to first lose ourselves, then maybe we can discover that new beginnings are always a library we can draw new ideas from.

I am nearly always on automatic pilot looking for new things to become involved in, and then work my way through them to produce a result here and there to place at God’s Feet. And whatever He may or may not think of them, is no longer any concern of mine. He gave me a choice to become involved in them, and then move on to other thing’s. That’s what I believe life and living is all about for those of us who wish to become some sort of real human beings. And if you don’t believe in God, do it for your sense of satisfaction, or for those you love, or would like to encourage, and let me tell you that you will be amazed of what you are capable of achieving. 
And in this sense of direction you don’t get caught up in societies endless laws and regulations which in so many cases are nothing short of all sorts of unpredictability that that can lead you into a forest where you become lost. 
As I view life through my experiences on this beautiful planet life is not easy at times by any means, but s long as I look at my inconveniences as though they were lessons I needed to learn, I soon find myself back on track again with stronger values than I previously had.
Value systems come in all kinds of symbols and verbal languages that can become very hurtful, and in many ways destructive. I meet a lot of people as I travel from stepping stone, to stepping stone. And on many occasions find myself amazed, dumbfounded, or left with a humorous grin on my face at some of the remarks people tie themselves into. All those defensive mechanisms that people build around themselves with the imaginative idea that they are protecting themselves. No wonder they never embrace life and live it to the fullest opportunity they can by letting it grab them by the earlobes, and letting it take them where it will. 

There is nothing to be frightened about which I can vouch for. Yes, tingling sensations up and down your spine, and other off beaten track sensations, but the deep sense of fear plays no part in it. And it's nothing to do with age, education or whatever you might chose to block your mind with. So please don’t deny yourself that great pleasure of experiencing every moment of all those qualities that contain love, laughter, music, pain struggle and companionship. 
And one final thing before I start my Walk again. I may not give you a lot of structured information about parts of my Walk such as dates and certain other things. My Walk is more a sense of Spiritual Enlightenment to try and show you how free you can be when you step away from the things that enslave your mind, and your unconsciousness. My Walk is meant to simply flow like a river, and gather little as little moss as possible that might hold you down. Simple to follow because it resonates with Spiritual Truth.

So till chapter 1 comes your way next time around, I bid you well with your outlook on life.


Looking back on my Walk


I will leave New Beginnings for a while I give you around a hundred pages from where I left off with my book, A Walk With An Irishman. But expect a few variations as I touch on the lives of people who help me on my journey in some way or another.

The first one whom I am really obligated too is my good friend Patrick O' Reilly. Last weekend while my daughter Rachel was away in Ireland, he came round on the Sunday and fixed the washing machine, the wall switch, and put two new bulbs on the high wall lights in the lounge. He did a few more things for me, but I don’t want to embarrass him, just trying to tell you that people like him pushes the borders of friendship to that place of humanity that has to be a part of Heaven itself.

The next person I give thanks to within the last few weeks is a lady called Lynn. She replaced my super catheter last week. What a lovely nurse and human being. She went over my case history with a fine comb, and then put everything on her computer for further reviewing. And she also explained how I should be treating myself which has been a lot more easing than before.

The last one is related to the A.N.Z. Bank. I needed some advice on filling in a form of good will. I was in the Queue in the bank in the Mall in Takapuna and this lady who was sitting at a desk on the other side of the counter came up behind me and asked if she could help me, I thanked her and went and sat down on a chair opposite her and explained my problem to her. 

She checked out the paperwork I placed before her, and said. You are missing the form we need to fill in for this transaction. I apologised, and said I would go back and get it. Then we had a little chat and I said I would put her on my blog for being so kind to me. Her name is Eila Zhang.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Beginnings 11

A Buddhist teacher once said, “Let go. You can’t change the distasteful memories of what has been inflicted upon you, whatever the reasons may have been behind them.
“I Couldn’t agree more. The less sacks on your back, the easier it is on your whole system. Christ was into that one.
I meet and hear of many with that complaint, I guess history could have been written in many different forms on that topic. If the undercurrents of truth had been put in its proper place history could have been placed on a different footing. As someone once said, “History is not what happened, but what’s been written about.

But in the all over currents of history yours and mine are the most important ones that will matter to us. The things we are capable of putting into practice, then following them through without any kind of expectations. The ones God eyes will fall upon, not man’s. Man tends to lose himself, in himself when he fails to let God guide him in his hour of real need. Mind you most of us are just about in need of some kind. And I am not trying to enforce God into your life, just asking you to look deeper for that great gift that is in offering for all of us. I have learned that just by helping someone over some kind of a hurdle God is always behind you. You don’t have to go to the Temple, Church or Mosque to be the good Samaritan, just look around you to lend a helping hand. I remember when I was touring Ireland by car I was gifted to be able to lend a helping hand on a number of occasions. One I will mention because I got a lovely letter from this young man I gave a lift to.

As I drove into Donegal I hit out for Letterkenny to have a bite to eat. Then looked at my map and and pictured in my mind my next port of call for an overnight stay, “Dungloe. As I was leaving the town I spotted this young man looking for a lift, so I stopped and told him where I was heading. He said, “If you could drop me off at a certain spot I can hitch another ride from there. “ So off we went. He asked me about myself and quite openly I told him. He said,”You're very easy to talk to, “ and opened up about his life. He said he’d become a born-again Christian after being through a lot of unpleasant experiences. 
He lived in Northern Ireland and was visiting some friends or relatives in Donegal. He was going with a young lady, but was having second thoughts about the direction that was taking him in. When we got to the spot where I was to drop him off I said, “ I’m in no hurry, let me take you to where you need to go. “ He said he’d be very grateful as it just started to rain.
When we reached the house where he was staying we talked for about half-an-hour or so before he took his leave. I pointed out a few things relating to his new set of beliefs and told him to tread very carefully, as just about everything you think about, or think you see, is not what it is really all about. 
To understand life to whatever degree you are able to you must keep a very open mind about everything that is thrown at you. And when it comes to making choices, they must be yours, and yours alone. Never be influenced by what’s out there but by what’s inside you, otherwise you’ll get lost.
He thanked me and asked if I would write to him. I said I would.

A while after I got back I wrote to him, and here is his reply.

“Thank you, thank you so much for your sweet words to me. It was as if an angel had written them. You spoke directly into my circumstances and assisted me in a difficult choice.
        Basically, I had to choose whether to continue a relationship with a girl who also loved The Lord or break it off.
My inner heart had been telling me this since the beginning, but I was attempting to live external guidelines which was not the word of God. You spoke of being true to one’s self and to lead from the heart, enjoy life, to be creative. It confirmed many things that I felt. Basically, you gave voice to my feelings.

C.S. Lewis said that two unhappy people in love would rather stay together than suffer the heartache of breaking up. I know now what he meant. It is so hard to separate from a female even if you are not totally compatible because of the emotions involved. I do thank God that He’s helped me fill the void inside myself. The Scriptures say God is close to the brokenhearted and to those who are crushed. God has blessed me with regards to college fees so I’d like to give Him Glory.
       I was glad to meet you; I told my friends all about it. You are a unique individual and a giver. You also came across as an intelligent guy on some profound course of life. I pray you continue to rejoice in life because God made all things for us to enjoy. Christ came to give His Life and to give it to us more abundantly.

I believe it's the little things we do for one another that bring the most blessings into our lives. I think about that man from time to time and pray he hasn’t lost that beautiful simplicity.

Had a nice moment of rubbing shoulders with a Monk just recently. I had just parked my car at the shops in Birkenhead, and was walking up the street looking for Bill the barber's premises when a young man approached me and said he was a Monk. So being the person I am we started to chat. He seemed to like what I had to say, and I enjoyed his youthful approach to life. So when we parted I took one of the books he was selling and gave him ten dollars along with one of my cards and asked him to contact if he felt inclined to do so. He said he would, and we shook hands and parted.

So out of nowhere I had made contact with with another human being. Another precious moment in my life.
A few days later I got an email from him to say Yes, you are welcome to put my name on your blog.

How we touch each others lives brightens the torch of a common good if we allow it to do so.  I guess it's all about the real meaning behind the force of good will we are prepared to put into it, that will make it worthwhile. It only takes a spark to ignite a forest fire, or a commonwealth of love. The fire will go out, but the love remains forever.
Till next time live as well as you can. The person who lives well, will have good reason not to doubt his wisdom