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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Beginnings 10

This time around I would like to broach on that lovely word Thanks, and what is possible to eventuate from it. I make it my target to offer some kind of welcome to those who touch my life with  kind word, or maybe some kind of action. To me that brings a closeness that could have so easily been missed. When we gain acceptance of each others way of thinking and being with a sense of truthfulness, we have arrived at a very special place.

Now, I am not trying to say everything will just fall into place at that precise moment, or eventuate at short notice, but we have set something in place that could have all sorts of connotations to bring a more human connection to a world so badly in need of it. And please don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

I have been going to the Post Office in Northcote for quite a number of years. Last week while I was running a few things over my my mind for my future blog, I thought why not get the names of the lady and gentleman behind the post office counter and put them on my blog. Every time I go into pay a bill, I am greeted with a big smile, and then asked how are you today Mr Robinson. I have put it across that my name is Terry, but I must let them be the judge of that. 

Anyway here is the lady’s name,  “May, and the gentleman's “Aaron. It’s so simple to offer recognition to those who touch your life in different ways. But unfortunately it’s not done often enough.

Since nothing in this life holds  any degree of permanency other than the Word of God, I find that I must be looking for all kinds of change to in some way fit the hunger of what seems to be my everlasting quest for my needs. And sometimes it takes years to fulfill a sense of satisfaction from them. But they need to be en captured with a high degree of understanding and politeness otherwise they lose their sense of rhythm. And I don’t mean that because I find through my experiences that this is the best way for you to go, but just something that might help you somewhere along the line.
Here is a little something I got out of a book that could be built around what what I’ve just said. 

A somewhat notorious kid named Joel came to see this very caring man more or less stating that he was pissed off with life, so he said to him,”Joel come here, and he took him to this convalescent home which he stated that everybody should go if you want to see your future.
He brought him inside and here were a lot of aged people lying around in beds in old cotton gowns staring at the ceiling. Senility doesn’t come from old age. It comes from not being loved and not feeling useful. As long as you are useful you’ll never be old! (I’m still working on that one?)
Anyway, they walked in, and he looked around, and he said, “What’ll I do here? I don’t know anything about gerontology. Then this man said “Good! You see that lady over there? You go over and say hello”

That’s all? That’s all.
She must have been sent by God. He went over and he said to her Uh, hello’ She” looked at him sort of suspiciously for a minute and said, “Are you a relative?” He said, “No, I’m not. She said, “Good! I hate my relatives! Sit down, son.
And he sat down and they started to talk. Oh my goodness, the things she told him! Like its been said when we ignore our sense of history, we’re doomed to repeat everything over again. This woman had known so many wondrous things about life, about love, about pain, about suffering. Even about approaching death, with which she had to make some kind of peace. But no one cared about listening! He started going once a week and pretty soon that day began to be known as “Joel’s Day. He would come and all the old people would gather.
You know what this wonderful woman did. She asked her daughter to bring her a lovely dressing gown. And there she was propped up in bed one day for Joel in a beautiful satin dressing gown with a very low neckline. She’d had her hair done again, which she hadn’t done for ages. Why have your  hair done if nobody sees you? The people in that home don’t look at you. 

Wonderful things began to happen on Joel’s day. Out walked Joel like a pied Piper, with about 30 little old people following him, hobbling to a football game.
What’s there to do is monumental. What you fail to do is also monumental.

There is so many different ways of offering a thank you or a helping hand to to those that encircle your life. I have been working on it in greater passing moments since I was almost sixty. And other than writing about my own life, I tend to use my blog to present wonderful words of encouragement of those I read about, and others who cross my path. 

If we can’t share our ideas the less the future holds for us. The more I can give to you, the more I have for myself. Life is nothing short of giving and taking. And of course I mean that in the sense that it is more blessed to give than to receive. We can look at things in all sorts of different ways, but to bend them just to suit ourselves becomes a very lukewarm occupation.

I will finish with one of my poems.

                  Condition Yourself
         If you condition yourself not to expect
          the whole truth from others, your path
            through life won’t be such a bumpy ride.
             You can’t protect the truth no matter how
               you may try to shape it because the truth
                was made for man, but unfortunately
                 not man for the truth.

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