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Saturday, 25 June 2016

New beginnings 8


Who really teaches you about life? I used to ask myself many years ago that question. It seems to me from what I've been led to believe that we're supposed to know about it from what our parents, or our teachers have placed before us. Well, I guess most of us can, or should throw that out the window if we are to stand any chance of becoming as fully functioning as we can be.
This is a subject very dear to my heart, so I will be coming at you from all sorts of directions. And they may have all sorts of up and down meanings, so you will have to ask yourself, is this for me, or the waste paper basket.
Every time I write or do something I leave myself open to some form of challenge. And no matter how it's viewed I find the risk well worth while. Erich Fromm says the pity of life today is that most of us die before we are fully born. Boy, did I come close to that.
But life has its own way of putting you back on track if you start to question it. And, that takes on many different forms once you are keen enough to really question it.
So, next time you see an opening to follow something that is entirely different from the usual run of life, don’t be afraid to check it out, and have a blast doing it.

You know it's so true, we don’t listen to ourselves. And by doing so, we end up handing ourselves over to others to live it for us. I could mention a number of different people who would willingly do this for you, but it's far better for you to work it out for yourself. This way it can help you get a head start. If I make things easy for you, I only place you at a disadvantage. By making you think, I offer you encouragement.

Self-discovery can only be found within yourself. I came across something that tickled my fancy many years ago. It's from the Sufis. Mullah was out in the street on his hands and knees, searching the ground. A friend came by and said “Mullah, what are you doing in the street on your hands and knees?
He said, I’m hunting for my house key. I lost my house key.
The friend said, “Oh, show me about where you lost it and I’ll get down on my hands and knees and help you.
He said, “Oh, I lost it in the house. The friend asked, “Then what the hell are you doing out here looking for it?
Mullah replied, “Oh, it's lighter here.
It's so true. We spend most of our lives looking outside of ourselves for answers that can only be answered from inside of us.
Did not Christ spend His life on earth trying to get this message across to us. I,m not outside you, I’m already in you.
We all have magic. Enough to lift ourselves beyond the things  were not capable of doing, or dealing with. Time and again I have experienced this. But by some means or another I let the insanity within in rise above the certain fears that surrounded certain situations that was presented to me, and O’h boy did I feel good about it.        
I was at The Thirsty Dog Pub last night which I don’t frequent as much as I used to because of the ageing and problems that surrounds it. Anyway we had a great night of music, and for my last song I was privileged to have a wonderful a wonderful guitarist named  Lance Sue accompany me as I sang, “And I Love You So.
Music is a wonderful way of reaching places of togetherness that not too many things can do. I often notice people looking sideways at me as I sing or hum as I go shopping in food stores, or other places. I often say to myself, eat your heart out or jump on the bandwagon.   
We are a combination of so many things for a purpose beyond all types of realisation that most of us will seldom get the chance to celebrate. We get stuck in that place of loneliness because we learn so little about the things that can knock us sideways at any given moment. I will give you a few examples in relation to myself from my book’s and my blog.

I remember Dad coming home with a whiskey in his hand when we were living in a one room flat and started giving me a going over with his tongue. About a hour or so I’d finally got to bed when he came staggering over to where my brother Gerald and I were trying to sleep and grabbed my arm and began twisting it. When I couldn’t stand the pain any longer I managed to escape and took off out of the room wearing just my shirt. I heard him following me so I made a beeline down to the basement where nobody was living.
Among the rubbish I found an old mattress, a blanket and something that looked like a sheet.
Talk about home away from home. No, certainly wouldn’t have looked twice at them today, but under the circumstances I classed them as a gift from Heaven. And who knows?

Another time in Sydney Australia I was coming up William Street one evening after leaving the Matthew Talbot where I was doing my voluntary duties and I noticed this guy staggering towards me. The people ahead of me were trying to avoid him as if he had the plague. I said to myself “d better get into the scrum here or no one’s going to score a try. So I walked towards him wondering what fate was in store for me this time.

As I stopped in front of him he put both his hands on my shoulders to support himself and then, through the thick cloud of alcohol fumes and incoherent vocabulary, I eventually pieced together that he was trying to find the Matthew Talbot. A place to rest his weary, self-afflicted body. That place where people cared about people with no strings attached. I got him to put his arm around my shoulder, then looking like two drunks we staggered back to the Matthew Talbot. After I settled him in I went of to my rented room with a smile on my face..

A risk here and there requires a step into the unknown sometimes in an unusual way. And once you present yourself to taking that risk when the need arises, you may come off second best, or amazing things may come your way. You can be sure of nothing, but then again to be sure one learns very little.

May good fortune and the Love of God be always at your feet.
Lots of Love

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