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Sunday, 22 May 2016

New Beginnings 4

Well, now that my book is finished, and I am feeling a lot better, I will continue with my blog on this day the 21st of May, and then see what The Good Lord has in store for me, before it’s time to mount that shooting star that will hopefully take me close to Him.
This week I am going to give you an answer to a letter I got from a very, very good friend of mine as it's o.k. by her.
There will also be more of this kind of communication coming your way as I try to connect with people who are interested in experiencing the deeper qualities that live and living have to offer each other. And only if your are curious enough before death calls you, will you be amazed what is out there waiting for you to become a real live person believe it or not. God I believe will not hang around waiting for you to open many doors that you could have opened quite easily.

Anyway here is the letter I sent in reply to my good friend Marie. This blog will be longer than my usual one, but as I have not written one for a while, that’s how it is.

Got your letter today Marie, and good to hear that all is ticking over fine for you, or should I say as well as can be expected. I myself am also ticking over much the same, except for the leaking issue. I can live with that as long as my tummy is keeping reasonable.
I got myself back on Prednisone. I had some left over after the last course, so I have gone back on them without asking my doctor. May as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb.
Thanks for making enquiries about hemp oil. If The Good Lord brings it my way well and good, if not I wasn’t meant to have it.
Went to the Hospice in Takapuna with my lovely friend Barbara Parker last week and entertained the troops. I did most of the singing as Barbara requested me that I should do, and she accompanied me with her guitar and sang a few of her own lovely songs. It was a joy to behold.
I have finished my book, 100 pages. Now with the help of my daughter Rachel we will design a cover. As I said on the forward I have written, I am not having it proof-read. I shall just be like a child writing from its innocence.

I am really going crazy. I am putting it out that I want to sing a few songs in the Sydney Opera House. Just a few songs. Got to give everything my best shot before I become a shooting star, or a flat fish. Who cares.
As my lovely friend Sister Yvonne passed away in Sydney, and Barbara is going to visit her daughter there next month, I have written to the Senior Nun to see if she can tell me where Sister is buried, and Barbara will put some flowers on her grave for me.
I do hope that you can keep your printer in action. I feel sure it's a great limb of life for you as mine is to me.
I had a singing session here at Rachel’s house last week. Four of us in all. Went down very well.
My 18 year old granddaughter Sinead is of to Camp America for three months, then on to Canada for a month to visit my sister Ann, then on to Melbourne to visit friends.
What a great start for an 18 year old. If I’m still around I should get a few stories from her to put on my blog.

Now I am going to give you something I put on my book close to finishing it. You could read it, but I will give it to you first hand. It’s from a newspaper I picked up in San Diego. I just thought it would help me get about the 100 pages I targeted for. Just something like the 10,000 I hit out for on my blog which has reached 10,800.

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