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Sunday, 29 May 2016

New Beginings 6

I am starting this entry on May 28th. As all sorts of crazy ideas are coming at me, I must fill them in while I can. Plus the old saying, “Time waits for no man. Mind you, I myself also include women as I spend a lot of time in their company. Something to do with the great bond I had with my wonderful mother.

I sent an email to my sister in Canada and here was the reply, and what follows.
Sorry, it has taken me so long to answer your email but it took me a while to find the death certificates. I am so good at putting things away and then can not remember where I put them. (I well believe we all know something from that corner) Mom died on the 18th of March 1972 age 72. Dad died on the 29th of November 1956 at the age 63. How time flies. So glad to hear things are going so well with you book. You seem to meet the nicest people who are very kind to you, but that is because you are so good yourself. (What a darling sister she is) Keep me up on how Sinead is enjoying herself at Camp America. (That’s my amazing granddaughter. She will blow them all away with her 18 year old charisma) All the best, and lots of love.

                        My reply
Hi Love
Thanks for those dates of Mum and Dad. Sorry that I am a troublesome old brother, but I also need Gerald’s and Ken’s day of departure. (My two brothers)
In case you are wondering why I am looking for these dates, it's because I feel that they are more important than birthdays. Birthdays come and go year by year and bring us joy and sorrow, plus help to shape our lives to one degree or another.
But like in that song, The leaving of Liverpool, we are left with a memory whatever it can be classified as. Hopefully as something very special to those of us who have cared about our loved ones.
So now I am setting up a dish with sand in it, then will put candles in it s that I can light them at certain times with music to fill a memory gap of Mum, Dad, Gerald and Ken. Just the family we grew up with. Then I will also have a few more to remember my wife who has passed on, and all the relations, And then one for all the wonderful friends who have touched my life with theirs. And last but not least, The whole world.

To me this is both very simple and joyous. And I feel very strongly that The God Lord won't frown on me because I will place a Cross in the middle. Anyway I will put this on my next blog and who knows what it might start up. The world always needs something new now matter how small or gifted it may be. You can't keep a crazy Robinson from Dublin down. Yes, once I was, now you can look out.

I came across a sheet of paper that was headed, “The Rotary Club of Riverwood presents,”
      Drought Benefit Concert
                 In Support of the Farmers of Bourke

                       7.30 pm March 17th 1995

            Marana Hall, Hurstville Civic Center, Hurstville
                       $20 per ticket - tables of 20

              $10 per ticket - children under 15 years

         Featuring: Frank Garrity
                          Tony Hogan
                           Heather-May Reading
                           Davidia Coombes
                           Wally the Worker
                           Ian Turpie
                           Brian Davies
                           Joan Ozelle
                           Francis Shaw

Your Compere for the Evening - Alan Skeed

           (Nibblies and Drinks available at additional cost)

Tickets available through the State Emergency Service Sydney South Division on Telephone: (02) 580 0999

I was all set to go to that Concert but unfortunately it was cancelled. Even though I was very interested to find out why, I never got an explanation. So now that is one of the things that has prompted me to do some kind of Benefit Concert at the Sydney Opera house with the help of The Good Lord. I try only to work for Him. No, I am no figure of any great mention in the singing world, but I am someone who loves to give of myself no matter of what value that may be. Once you have a dream you must follow it. Then God The Great will decide the outcome.
If I can write a couple of books and make my presence felt with the force of God behind me, I’m sure you will enjoy what I have to offer on unconditional terms. Read my book, my blog, and then tell me am I not worth a little more something to move you in some direction.

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