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Sunday, 29 May 2016

New Beginings 6

I am starting this entry on May 28th. As all sorts of crazy ideas are coming at me, I must fill them in while I can. Plus the old saying, “Time waits for no man. Mind you, I myself also include women as I spend a lot of time in their company. Something to do with the great bond I had with my wonderful mother.

I sent an email to my sister in Canada and here was the reply, and what follows.
Sorry, it has taken me so long to answer your email but it took me a while to find the death certificates. I am so good at putting things away and then can not remember where I put them. (I well believe we all know something from that corner) Mom died on the 18th of March 1972 age 72. Dad died on the 29th of November 1956 at the age 63. How time flies. So glad to hear things are going so well with you book. You seem to meet the nicest people who are very kind to you, but that is because you are so good yourself. (What a darling sister she is) Keep me up on how Sinead is enjoying herself at Camp America. (That’s my amazing granddaughter. She will blow them all away with her 18 year old charisma) All the best, and lots of love.

                        My reply
Hi Love
Thanks for those dates of Mum and Dad. Sorry that I am a troublesome old brother, but I also need Gerald’s and Ken’s day of departure. (My two brothers)
In case you are wondering why I am looking for these dates, it's because I feel that they are more important than birthdays. Birthdays come and go year by year and bring us joy and sorrow, plus help to shape our lives to one degree or another.
But like in that song, The leaving of Liverpool, we are left with a memory whatever it can be classified as. Hopefully as something very special to those of us who have cared about our loved ones.
So now I am setting up a dish with sand in it, then will put candles in it s that I can light them at certain times with music to fill a memory gap of Mum, Dad, Gerald and Ken. Just the family we grew up with. Then I will also have a few more to remember my wife who has passed on, and all the relations, And then one for all the wonderful friends who have touched my life with theirs. And last but not least, The whole world.

To me this is both very simple and joyous. And I feel very strongly that The God Lord won't frown on me because I will place a Cross in the middle. Anyway I will put this on my next blog and who knows what it might start up. The world always needs something new now matter how small or gifted it may be. You can't keep a crazy Robinson from Dublin down. Yes, once I was, now you can look out.

I came across a sheet of paper that was headed, “The Rotary Club of Riverwood presents,”
      Drought Benefit Concert
                 In Support of the Farmers of Bourke

                       7.30 pm March 17th 1995

            Marana Hall, Hurstville Civic Center, Hurstville
                       $20 per ticket - tables of 20

              $10 per ticket - children under 15 years

         Featuring: Frank Garrity
                          Tony Hogan
                           Heather-May Reading
                           Davidia Coombes
                           Wally the Worker
                           Ian Turpie
                           Brian Davies
                           Joan Ozelle
                           Francis Shaw

Your Compere for the Evening - Alan Skeed

           (Nibblies and Drinks available at additional cost)

Tickets available through the State Emergency Service Sydney South Division on Telephone: (02) 580 0999

I was all set to go to that Concert but unfortunately it was cancelled. Even though I was very interested to find out why, I never got an explanation. So now that is one of the things that has prompted me to do some kind of Benefit Concert at the Sydney Opera house with the help of The Good Lord. I try only to work for Him. No, I am no figure of any great mention in the singing world, but I am someone who loves to give of myself no matter of what value that may be. Once you have a dream you must follow it. Then God The Great will decide the outcome.
If I can write a couple of books and make my presence felt with the force of God behind me, I’m sure you will enjoy what I have to offer on unconditional terms. Read my book, my blog, and then tell me am I not worth a little more something to move you in some direction.

The Maze Stone

The Maze Stone is located just a few miles northwest of the city of Hemet in Riverside County, California. It is easly reached by a paved road (California Street) that runs north from highway 74.
An aura of mystery hangs over an ageless half-domed rock of native granite a few miles from Hemet, California. The strange design carved on the face of the stone has confounded the efforts of man to determine its true origin. The petroglyph (design cut in the rock) is one of man’s oldest known art forms, dating back thousands of years. Obsidian points of dark volcanic rock, were used as cutting tools. The grooves were then polished with porphyry, a fine grained stone embedded with crystal. The designs were symbolic and curved for a purpose.
Numerous archaeologist and historians have examined this ancient maze without establishing acceptable proof of the artist’ identity. However, their educated conclusions are fascinating and equally difficult to disprove.
Adelaide Wilson Arnold first saw the Maze Stone in 1914 with her parents, Dr and Mrs Roger Wilson. They were intrigued by the petroglyph and devoted much of their time during the ensuing years in an attempt to discover its illusive history. In the early 1920s Adelaide gained the ear and interest of archaeologist William Duncan Strong. After his examination and study of the Maze, he declared its age to be approximately two thousand years. Further investigation led to a report by the famed historian, Hubert H. Bancroft, based partially on an account originally transcribed by a Seventh Century Chinese historian.
In 1458 A.D., Bancroft said, a group of Buddhist missionaries set sail in a Chinese junk. Their destination was the Fortunate Isles, located seven thousand miles to the east of China. The purpose of their attempted journey was to propagate their religion. The exact location of the Fortunate Isles is unknown. Perhaps they were the Aleutian Islands, or the Hawaiian Islands. It is not known for certain that the missionaries actually landed in the Americas, but the story of their trek tallies with another similar account.
In 1884 Pierre Vining visited China. From the ancient Chinese encyclopedia he translated the account of a group of Buddhist and their incredible voyage to the Fortunate Isles. After many months at sea they were caught in a hurricane that blew them off course. Their small vessel was buffered as a cork on the restless sea as they were swept by a desolate, snow-covered land. When the storm subsided they were in warm waters. The current carried them to green, tree-covered land. Here they went ashore to be welcomed by friendly dark skinned  natives. Among the plant life described in the narrative was a sword-like leaf that served the natives in the making of garments and sandals. This plant is thought to be maguey. It yields a fibrous substance and is native to the Americas.
The account reveals the travels of the Buddhists as they trekked inland from the sea, to wander for several years before they eventually found their way back to China.
Bancroft lists forty-one Chinese junks that were thrown on American shores by the Japanese current between 1782 and 1875. This leaves little doubt that many other Asiatics have reached the Americas since the world began.
The unique quadruple swastika design on the Maze Stone is an authentic Buddhist symbol. The Maze is intended to trap evil spirits and allow travelers to proceed in peace. The square in the center of the design signifies purity. For centuries Chinese coins have exhibited this same square center. Several other petroglyphs have been found along the supposed route of the Buddhist missionaries. The two-thousand-year age of this controversial carving corresponds closely with the transcribed account of the Chinese missionaries.
Long before the Wilsons had any knowledge of these accounts they brought a spokesman of the Cahuilla Indians to see the Maze. Cornelio Luvo told them: “It is very old. No one of our time has even seen this one, but I have heard of it. My father's’ father said it was made by the people who came from the sea.

Not having read that before because I had not left myself open to it, I found it quite interesting as well as the help it provided me with completing my book. And all ready I have had some interesting comments about it because I have aroused the curiosity of a number of people I have shared it with. It’s amazing when you leave yourself open to go out on all sort of tracks, you open yourself to connect with all sorts of wonderful people. And they in turn have something to to offer you. It doesn’t take a lot to connect with others, but it without some kind of effort you miss the real meaning of life.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

New Beginnings 4

Well, now that my book is finished, and I am feeling a lot better, I will continue with my blog on this day the 21st of May, and then see what The Good Lord has in store for me, before it’s time to mount that shooting star that will hopefully take me close to Him.
This week I am going to give you an answer to a letter I got from a very, very good friend of mine as it's o.k. by her.
There will also be more of this kind of communication coming your way as I try to connect with people who are interested in experiencing the deeper qualities that live and living have to offer each other. And only if your are curious enough before death calls you, will you be amazed what is out there waiting for you to become a real live person believe it or not. God I believe will not hang around waiting for you to open many doors that you could have opened quite easily.

Anyway here is the letter I sent in reply to my good friend Marie. This blog will be longer than my usual one, but as I have not written one for a while, that’s how it is.

Got your letter today Marie, and good to hear that all is ticking over fine for you, or should I say as well as can be expected. I myself am also ticking over much the same, except for the leaking issue. I can live with that as long as my tummy is keeping reasonable.
I got myself back on Prednisone. I had some left over after the last course, so I have gone back on them without asking my doctor. May as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb.
Thanks for making enquiries about hemp oil. If The Good Lord brings it my way well and good, if not I wasn’t meant to have it.
Went to the Hospice in Takapuna with my lovely friend Barbara Parker last week and entertained the troops. I did most of the singing as Barbara requested me that I should do, and she accompanied me with her guitar and sang a few of her own lovely songs. It was a joy to behold.
I have finished my book, 100 pages. Now with the help of my daughter Rachel we will design a cover. As I said on the forward I have written, I am not having it proof-read. I shall just be like a child writing from its innocence.

I am really going crazy. I am putting it out that I want to sing a few songs in the Sydney Opera House. Just a few songs. Got to give everything my best shot before I become a shooting star, or a flat fish. Who cares.
As my lovely friend Sister Yvonne passed away in Sydney, and Barbara is going to visit her daughter there next month, I have written to the Senior Nun to see if she can tell me where Sister is buried, and Barbara will put some flowers on her grave for me.
I do hope that you can keep your printer in action. I feel sure it's a great limb of life for you as mine is to me.
I had a singing session here at Rachel’s house last week. Four of us in all. Went down very well.
My 18 year old granddaughter Sinead is of to Camp America for three months, then on to Canada for a month to visit my sister Ann, then on to Melbourne to visit friends.
What a great start for an 18 year old. If I’m still around I should get a few stories from her to put on my blog.

Now I am going to give you something I put on my book close to finishing it. You could read it, but I will give it to you first hand. It’s from a newspaper I picked up in San Diego. I just thought it would help me get about the 100 pages I targeted for. Just something like the 10,000 I hit out for on my blog which has reached 10,800.