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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Last Roundup Instalment 4

Today is the 19-8 2015. So I have decided to work between an weekly and fortnightly schedule in regards to sharing my blog  with you. How concrete it may turn out to be that schedule lies in the hands of faith, or somewhere thereabouts.
And I will be slipping in and out of different circles to try and keep your minds at all sorts of levels. Some of the things I may inflict on you may sound off the beaten track, or on the repetitious floor mat, but hopefully there will be a little something that may trigger a get up and go message for you.
That’s always been the reason for starting this blog in the first place.  
It’s just gone 6pm on the 29th of the 8-15 and I was just going down from my room where I have been colouring in my Celtic bits and pieces to have some dinner, but I found my daughter talking to a friend of hers, so I gave her a hug and made my way back to my room. I could see that they had something private to discuss. A few minutes later I was called to join them with a glass of wine to further the conversation they shared with me. No, I can’t share the details that arose from it, but it certainly opened my mind to some of the problems that women have bringing up teenagers. I guess you have to be close to the action to have any kind of in depth understanding of the problems that single parents face trying to have some kind of a life for both their children and themselves. I could elaborate on it but that wouldn’t even be close to the tip of the iceberg. What really comes out of this for me as it has in so many situations is the learning factor along with being supportive and listening intently without trying to give advice on something far beyond my capabilities to do so. That in most cases is like adding fuel to the flames. Anyway the evening finished up with with few glasses of wine and laughter to brighten what could have been a darker evening. In just about every situation there is a light at the end of the tunnel but if you let your batteries run down before you reach it, it makes life that much harder. No, its not easy by any means, but who ever told you that life would be easy. As someone once said. We are all on this earth, there is no cure for that.
As I am a bit late getting this issue out due to my hospital visits and a bit of a lazy streak I will finish No 4 of my blog with a little something I wrote out a few days ago. Life’s a Gamble.

             Life’s a gamble in some ways or another.
                  The seeds you scatter may not always
               prove fruitful because you do not have
                    the power of the sun’s rays, and
               those days when the dark clouds take
                     the edge off your mind, but
                           scatter them anyway.

Dad and Daughter Rachel