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Monday, 17 August 2015

Last Round Up - Instalment 3

Well a number of things have been happening in my life as you can well guess as you carry on reading my blog. But I am going to skip them for the moment as I want to tell you about another great change that is taking place in my life.  I have moved into a house with my darling daughter Rachel. The circumstances why she moved into this house are personal, but the change it has brought into my life are just too wonderful for me to describe, but I will do the best I can. And for those of you who have reached that place of God given changing moments as you apply yourself with intentions that you will bear what fruit you can to humanity, you will I’m sure understand where I am coming from, and hopefully share in my joy as though it was touching you in some way. For is that not what my blog is all about if you really read into it.

What greater pleasure can we offer each other, than to share our lives with each other in some way. And please remember I also want to hear about what you have to tell me about yourselves, for you are just important to me as I hope I am to you.
Well it all started when my daughter Rachel said that she was going to move into this house. I said if its possible I would like to move in with you. I was living in a pension unit at this particular time. I said to her if health problems became a problem I would not be a burden to her in anyway, I would move into a home for the elderly. I believe in no way should we block the passage of what joy or ups and downs that may come into our children’s lives. We have had ours, let them have theirs. And I don’t by any means push this into anyone’s face because of all sorts of circumstances that may surround this statement I have made other than to consider it in some way.

Well today is the the 11-8-2015, and I am now living with my daughter Rachel in a place called Chatswood. We both moved in on the same day a few weeks ago, and are settling in with all sorts of action waltzing around us. This is the first house she and her husband bought, and I spent many happy days here as my grandchildren started coming into this world. The reason why she moved in here are personal to her, so I won’t make any comment on that, other than to say what a great change and challenge it is for her, and and a lot of excitement it is bringing into the last part of my life as I watch her turn the tide of time from one situation to another with courage and unbelievable devotion.
I myself had an operation a week ago to get my water works flowing in an natural state, but all is going well. Just to spend what time God allows me to be with her is a blessing beyond words. And meeting up with her friends as they come to offer support to her is a great loving and learning lesson for me.
I am learning more than I ever thought I would as they talk about their lives.

There are also all sorts of clues for me to ponder over as these new events take place in my life. Beckoning calls to awaken to a new state of awareness. Can’t put my finger on  any of them to any great extent, but I feel them touching my being in all sorts of different ways. As they become more clear in my minds eye I will share some of them with you. Unusual events from the normal daily ones are always on our doorstep, but unless you notice them, you won’t follow them up. You simply let them pass you by and they remain meaningless. All those great opportunities that could leave you with so much encouragement remain listless, and gone forever.
I could have very easily have missed a lifetime of close to twenty eight years had I not let the spirit inside me to rise up from its slumbers and show me there was a far better way of living than I had allowed myself to remain in. No, you're right it wasn’t real living, but pretentious living. You can judge that for yourself by reading a Walk With An Irishman. Or maybe what I have written on my blog so far. And believe me I’m not trying to tell you anything that’s really new, or tell you how to live your life, Just simply trying to share something that might make life a little more interesting and pleasant as you continue your journey to that place of great peace that I believe awaits those of us who feel a real need for a greater peace for our soul.   

Till roundup four, happy times to those of you who follow my blog, and also to those who don’t.