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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Last round up Instalment 5

This is my last one one before Christmas, and I thought I would go to something different other than myself. I found this item many years ago and when I came across it the other day, I seemed the right for me to plant it coming up to Christmas. And the why and wherefore’s will be up to you to decide. And all I can tell you about it that it was written by a guy called Zinker.

If a man in the street were to pursue his self, what kind of guiding thoughts would he come up with about changing his existence. He would perhaps discover that his brain is not yet dead, that his body is not dried up, and that no matter where he is right now, he is still the creator of his own destiny. 

He can change this destiny by taking his one decision to change seriously by fighting his petty resistance against change and fear, by learning more about his mind, by trying out behavior which fills his real need, by carrying out concrete acts rather than conceptualizing about them, by practicing to see and hear and touch and feel as he has never before used these senses, by creating something with his own hands without demanding perfection, by thinking out ways in which he behaves in a self-defeating manner by listening to the words that he utters to his wife, his kids, and his friends. 

We must remind ourselves, however, that no change takes place without working hard and without getting your hands dirty. There are no formulae and no books to memorize on becoming. No one can suffer my non-being as I do, but tomorrow is another day, and I must decide to leave my bed and live again. And if I fail, I don’t have the comfort of blaming you or life or God.

I would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas, and a happy New Year. And may life bring to you through your efforts the things you need most to allow you to create something of value to both yourself and others.


Thursday, 12 November 2015

88 years young

Sorry, but I did make a statement I was going to wind up my blog on Beginnings number 3, but I have decided to fight my health problems as best I can, so now with God’s help and my good friend Patrick O’Reilly, I will do a weekly blog post that might be of interest to those of you who read it. They have certainly been of keen interest to me and the lifestyle I try to follow.
And the entries will be of a mixed bag, but then isn’t that what life is all about in some way or another.

I am going to start with Sunday the 12-4-2015.
As you should know by now I have a great passion for music, I decided with the help of my good friend Patrick, to explore the possibility of obtaining a good quality….. (Beginning of an earlier entry)

Today is the 11-11-15. Getting started on my blog on the 12-4-2015 got knocked on the head due to a health problem, and was followed by computer problems plus a lack of drive on my part to get the wheels turning again. But I am up and running again with what I believe will be a few things for those of you to chew on if you’re open to what I have to say. Being very honest person I am ready at any time to be challenged for what I say and do. So here is a golden opportunity for anyone with guts to tackle what I have to place before you.

Firstly I am going to throw out a challenge for someone with a clever honest brain and heart to have a look at making a movie of the book I wrote about part of my life. Mind you that is only the tip of the iceberg as there is a lot more to me than just what I have written in that book. Where will you find an 88 elderly person that can captivate an audience singing unaccompanied, write quotes, poems, play snooker, a little golf and a few other things that  I could surprise you with.

I know that the country I was born in has given me no support in my contribution to mankind. But Thank God New Zealand and other parts of the world are opening their doors to me.

I wrote two letters to the Pope about having the annulment on my marriage revoked. The first letter never got answered, so I put a trace on the next one $44, and low-and-behold got a letter eventually not from Rome, but from The Archbishop of Auckland telling me that someone in Rome had asked him to write to me concerning the letter I wrote to The Pope. Well I can tell you that I was highly insulted that someone in The Vatican had not the decency to acknowledge my letters with a courteous simple reply to say that they had received my letters, and if possible try and let the Pope cast his eye over them. A very simple request I believe not only in the eyes of my fellow human beings, but more important before the eyes of God since  annulment is man’s choice, certainly not God’s.
And I have no intention of giving up on closing this loophole as long as I am still qualified to do so. And please understand I am not trying to interfere in the lives of others who well may be satisfied with the cop-out of annulment, just myself.

So I will leave you with what I've honestly spoken out and see if there might be some fireworks coming my way which I will be well capable of putting out with the help of God Himself.
You can accuse me of certain things I put before you, but I will not accuse myself. Only God has that privilege.  



Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Last Roundup Instalment 4

Today is the 19-8 2015. So I have decided to work between an weekly and fortnightly schedule in regards to sharing my blog  with you. How concrete it may turn out to be that schedule lies in the hands of faith, or somewhere thereabouts.
And I will be slipping in and out of different circles to try and keep your minds at all sorts of levels. Some of the things I may inflict on you may sound off the beaten track, or on the repetitious floor mat, but hopefully there will be a little something that may trigger a get up and go message for you.
That’s always been the reason for starting this blog in the first place.  
It’s just gone 6pm on the 29th of the 8-15 and I was just going down from my room where I have been colouring in my Celtic bits and pieces to have some dinner, but I found my daughter talking to a friend of hers, so I gave her a hug and made my way back to my room. I could see that they had something private to discuss. A few minutes later I was called to join them with a glass of wine to further the conversation they shared with me. No, I can’t share the details that arose from it, but it certainly opened my mind to some of the problems that women have bringing up teenagers. I guess you have to be close to the action to have any kind of in depth understanding of the problems that single parents face trying to have some kind of a life for both their children and themselves. I could elaborate on it but that wouldn’t even be close to the tip of the iceberg. What really comes out of this for me as it has in so many situations is the learning factor along with being supportive and listening intently without trying to give advice on something far beyond my capabilities to do so. That in most cases is like adding fuel to the flames. Anyway the evening finished up with with few glasses of wine and laughter to brighten what could have been a darker evening. In just about every situation there is a light at the end of the tunnel but if you let your batteries run down before you reach it, it makes life that much harder. No, its not easy by any means, but who ever told you that life would be easy. As someone once said. We are all on this earth, there is no cure for that.
As I am a bit late getting this issue out due to my hospital visits and a bit of a lazy streak I will finish No 4 of my blog with a little something I wrote out a few days ago. Life’s a Gamble.

             Life’s a gamble in some ways or another.
                  The seeds you scatter may not always
               prove fruitful because you do not have
                    the power of the sun’s rays, and
               those days when the dark clouds take
                     the edge off your mind, but
                           scatter them anyway.

Dad and Daughter Rachel



Monday, 17 August 2015

Last Round Up - Instalment 3

Well a number of things have been happening in my life as you can well guess as you carry on reading my blog. But I am going to skip them for the moment as I want to tell you about another great change that is taking place in my life.  I have moved into a house with my darling daughter Rachel. The circumstances why she moved into this house are personal, but the change it has brought into my life are just too wonderful for me to describe, but I will do the best I can. And for those of you who have reached that place of God given changing moments as you apply yourself with intentions that you will bear what fruit you can to humanity, you will I’m sure understand where I am coming from, and hopefully share in my joy as though it was touching you in some way. For is that not what my blog is all about if you really read into it.

What greater pleasure can we offer each other, than to share our lives with each other in some way. And please remember I also want to hear about what you have to tell me about yourselves, for you are just important to me as I hope I am to you.
Well it all started when my daughter Rachel said that she was going to move into this house. I said if its possible I would like to move in with you. I was living in a pension unit at this particular time. I said to her if health problems became a problem I would not be a burden to her in anyway, I would move into a home for the elderly. I believe in no way should we block the passage of what joy or ups and downs that may come into our children’s lives. We have had ours, let them have theirs. And I don’t by any means push this into anyone’s face because of all sorts of circumstances that may surround this statement I have made other than to consider it in some way.

Well today is the the 11-8-2015, and I am now living with my daughter Rachel in a place called Chatswood. We both moved in on the same day a few weeks ago, and are settling in with all sorts of action waltzing around us. This is the first house she and her husband bought, and I spent many happy days here as my grandchildren started coming into this world. The reason why she moved in here are personal to her, so I won’t make any comment on that, other than to say what a great change and challenge it is for her, and and a lot of excitement it is bringing into the last part of my life as I watch her turn the tide of time from one situation to another with courage and unbelievable devotion.
I myself had an operation a week ago to get my water works flowing in an natural state, but all is going well. Just to spend what time God allows me to be with her is a blessing beyond words. And meeting up with her friends as they come to offer support to her is a great loving and learning lesson for me.
I am learning more than I ever thought I would as they talk about their lives.

There are also all sorts of clues for me to ponder over as these new events take place in my life. Beckoning calls to awaken to a new state of awareness. Can’t put my finger on  any of them to any great extent, but I feel them touching my being in all sorts of different ways. As they become more clear in my minds eye I will share some of them with you. Unusual events from the normal daily ones are always on our doorstep, but unless you notice them, you won’t follow them up. You simply let them pass you by and they remain meaningless. All those great opportunities that could leave you with so much encouragement remain listless, and gone forever.
I could have very easily have missed a lifetime of close to twenty eight years had I not let the spirit inside me to rise up from its slumbers and show me there was a far better way of living than I had allowed myself to remain in. No, you're right it wasn’t real living, but pretentious living. You can judge that for yourself by reading a Walk With An Irishman. Or maybe what I have written on my blog so far. And believe me I’m not trying to tell you anything that’s really new, or tell you how to live your life, Just simply trying to share something that might make life a little more interesting and pleasant as you continue your journey to that place of great peace that I believe awaits those of us who feel a real need for a greater peace for our soul.   

Till roundup four, happy times to those of you who follow my blog, and also to those who don’t.    

Monday, 6 July 2015

The Last Round Up - Instalment 2

I believe that I picked a good title in calling my final blog run home as the Last Round Up. It seems to set more of a purpose to what I will be attempting to place before you in regards to what I have been placed on this earth for. As I get older the things I have experienced, and will experience, make a lot more sense to me than ever before. I am feeling quite excited as to where this will in some way all lead to. Of course as you already will have noticed I am forever an Irish optimist. Neither quick to believe, or quick to disbelieve. If you tend to rush into judgements, you tend to cast doubt not only on others, but also on wonderful things that can influence what direction you may choose to take. I can’t really explain the full meaning in human terms behind what I say or do. Only those of you who have had similar, or near similar experiences as myself will grasp where I am coming from. As someone once said, It’s the sameness that brings us closer, but its newness that will keep us together.

So the advice I give to myself, and hope That I am allowed to share with you is, “Be as wise as you can, be stimulating, be exciting, share new ideas, grow and develop. Don’t ever be predictable.
Now I am going to give you a low-keyed run down on what happened to me close to a month ago. At that time I had been suffering for quite some time with a rotten discomforting pain in my stomach. Mind you I have had this on and off through the years, but this time it was lingering on for a longer period than usual. 

On top of that I was finding it more difficult to run a catheter into my bladder due to treatment I had received to relieve of prostate cancer. And thrown in for some kind of measure I was having more than usual problems with my arthritis. Trying to get my socks on, was quite an ordeal. I really felt that I was coming close to the end of my usefulness in this life. But hey presto, God once again heard my prayers and I now have a urine bag fitted to my leg as I await an operation to hopefully get my water works flowing in the somewhat normal manner for a guy of my age. Now for the big one. The major relief for both my stomach and arthritis. I was prescribed Prednisone and once again I have become dangerous once again. Hopefully only to myself, but just keep an eye out for me. Also I must add that I had been told that I would have an operation in six weeks time to fix my water works up, but that time as well elapsed. I mention this not so much as a complaint, but because I believe people should mean what they say. I rest my case there.

Well it’s really great to feel good again even though it will be only for a certain time. But to me that is nothing short of sheer luxury. It’s in certain moments such as these God gives you more grace to complete a more successful mission than the one you are already on. So Go Terry Go.