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Sunday, 29 June 2014

New Beginnings

As I start back into my Blog after being involved with other things, I decided that all my future involvements with it should be titled,”New Beginnings. As everyday brings something new into our lives, that seems to me as good as anywhere to start the ball rolling again from. This time I will try to give you a run down on the things I am involved in, or trying to be involved in. And they will come at you in all sorts of directions.

Some may make sense to you, others make little or none.
But this time I am going a step further. I am going to throw out a challenge to those of you in some way like myself, feel the need to be felt, seen or heard for what you are, or what you believe in. I am talking about communicating with me on a level where we can bounce off each other in some way. Something I hope very sincerely, will bring a greater sense of understanding to a world that is hungry for love, honour and truth by just being our real selves.

Now I am going to start of with a wish I’ve had for quite some time. And that was to take a trip To Canada and see my sister Ann. Well wishes do come true if you also have a belief in them. Well be it called a fiery story or not, that wish has now become a reality. My daughter Rachel came to me around three months ago a said Dad, would you like to go to Canada to see Ann. I know that you have a bad back, and can’t walk very far with your knees, so we can fly business class as my uncle has left me some money in his will. Also your brother Tony is going to be there with his wife Joan. Well, I could hardly my good fortune, plus my wish become a reality.

Not only will this give me a chance to meet up with my family, but also to catch up with a lovely friend I met here in New Zealand around twelve years ago. I first met Henry Altenberg at the Unitarian Church where go from time to time. As soon as we met I sensed a beautiful bonding. I invited him to come to some of the music venues I took part in whenever the opportunity presented itself to me. He is now a retired and living in Kittery Maine in The States. He was only here for four of five months working for The New Zealand Government. But that was a around twelve years ago and we still keep in contact with each other. That’s what I call a strong and healthy friendship. He is now retired from his profession and catching up with the things that give most pleasure. He has not only put a number of books my way, but also sent me some. But the all over wonderful thing about all this is that we're going to have a wonderful get-together when I get to Canada. He’s very kindly offered to to Toronto for a few days so the we can have a wonderful reunion. Not only will I get to see my brother and sister, but also Henry. 

They say three out of one ain't bad, but three out of three I class as a miracle specially at my time of life with all my worn out bits and pieces. I will certainly be singing a few songs and cracking a few jokes as my daughter pushes me around the airports. We take off for Vancouver on the 2nd of July, then on to Toronto the next day. Should anyone read this please pass it on, maybe someone might be going our way and we could have a few laughs.

Terry Robinson.  

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