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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Terry’s No Time Like Now

I am going to give my next and final blog another title. And by final I mean till such a time as time takes it’s toll on me.

                      Terry’s No Time Like Now.
I chose that title simply because thats the place I am living in, or always moving into. If you don’t take life as it comes, it will take you as it pleases. Maybe another way to express that quote of mine in a better frame of mind comes from a book called The Souls on Fire. The author Wiesel makes this statement! When we die and go to heaven, and we meet our Make, our Maker is not going to say to us, why didn’t you become a messiah? Why didn’t you discover the cure for such and such? The only thing we’re going to be asked at that precious moment is why didn’t you become you.
As I have mentioned in my book that was one of the turning points in my life. And I make it a point of telling young people that in the best possible terms that I can. Please look at taking responsibility for your actions. That way I fully believe you will leave something of spiritual value behind when you move on. I know it’s a risk I take when say such things as I do, But it’s an enjoyable risk. As Viktor Frankl says,”What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. And thats a lesson well learned believe me.

I well remember before I changed my life around that it was only myself that was standing in my own way. And we do that constantly without realizing it. And in so many cases it’s the past we can’t get away from. You carry all this baggage that weighs you down till your world is torn from pillar to post. I was once a good example of that, otherwise I would not be talking about it.
But thank God I got another shot at life. Why is not is not important, just the facts?

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