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Saturday, 18 May 2013


A Walk With A Spiritual Irishman

I have decided not to publish the sequel to my book A Walk With An Irishman, but put it on my blog so that it is free to those who would like to read it. I have just got myself a new computer, so I thought I would would have some fun typing out what I had written out by pen, then transferred it onto my old computer to have it proofread. It may seem a bit odd going about this way, but I really like the whole concept of it all. This way it will keep things simple for me, and also give me the advantage adding in some of my poems, quotes and pictures, plus whatever I may dream up. Our lives are full of possibilities, so why not give ourselves a lot of encouragement.
This little story has a significant title change from my book because I no longer call myself a Christian, but a Spiritual person. So the title I will circle around this little story will be. A Walk With A Spiritual Irishman.

As I gaze through the clouds of my mind, both colourful and dark, I believe one is as necessary as the other. I have come to the conclusion that life and living have two common seeds of growth attached to them. And they must move through each other to produce one thing or another. That in my mind’s eye is the on-going struggle we mortals face during our lifetime. But there is no doubt in my mind that if we spent more of our valuable time developing our own uniqueness instead of playing pussyfoot with it, we could dance our way to the stars.

I am nearly always on automatic pilot looking for new things to become involved in, and then work my way through them to produce a result here and there to place at God’s Feet. And whatever He may or may not think of them is no longer any concern of mine. He gave me a choice to become involved in them, and then move on to other things. That’s what I believe life and living is all about for those of us who wish to become some sort of a real human being. And if you don’t believe in God, do it for your sense of satisfaction, or for those you love, or would like to encourage. Let me tell you that you will be amazed of what you’re capable of achieving. And in this sense of direction you don’t get caught up in society’s endless laws and regulations which in so many cases are nothing short of all sorts of unpredictability that can lead you into a forest where you become lost.

As I view life through my experiences on this beautiful planet, life is not easy at times by any means, but as long as I look at inconveniences as though they were lessons I need to learn I soon find myself back on track again with stronger values than I previously had. Value systems come in all kinds of symbols and verbal languages that can become very hurtful, and in many ways destructive. I meet a lot of people as I travel from stepping stone to stepping stone, and most of the time find myself amazed, dumbfounded, or left with a humorous grin on my face at some of the remarks people tie themselves, to protect themselves. No wonder they never embrace life and live it to the full by letting it grab them by the earlobes, and taking them where life will.

There is nothing to be frightened about, which I can vouch for. Yes, tingling sensations up and down your spine and other off the beaten track sensations, but the deep sense of fear plays no part in it. And it is nothing to do with age, education or whatever you might chose to block your mind with. So please don’t deny yourself that great pleasure of experiencing every moment of all those qualities that contain love, laughter, music, pain, struggle and companionship.

And one final thing before I start my walk again. My little story may not give you a lot of information about parts of my journey such as dates and certain follows-ups, but my story seeks more to portray a sense of Spiritual Enlightenment to try and show you how free you can be when you step away from the things that enslave your mind and your unconsciousness. My story is meant to flow like a river and gather no moss; simple to acquire your mind with because it resonates with Spiritual Truth.

Well here I am again after a long layoff to try and and present the best picture I can of some of the weird and wonderful experiences which have taken me to the place where I am now, and flow on to wherever it might be.

So once again please put your hand in mine and let’s vibrate together as I try to share a little more of myself and those people who have touched my life with their graciousness.

When I arrived back in New Zealand in the dying months of the winter of 1996 after my way out of this world trip back to the land of my birth, and all the exciting places I passed through, and the beautiful people I shared time with, I was greeted by members of my family and whisked off to my daughter Rachel’s house in Birkenhead. There I related to the family what their crazy father/grandfather  had got himself involved in as he flew from pillar to post.
(For those of you who have read my book, you will be well aware of what I am referring to)

A week or two later, after all the excitement had died down, there slowly came over me a longing to be back in that world of timeless adventure where nothing seemed to  wave matter but taking one step after the next. That sheer wave of excitement mixed with “should I go this way, or that way? Maybe this poem of mine will enhance that statement. It is entitled, To Taste.

I came to taste a little more of life.
         To experience that sense of curiosity
            that at times can send a tingling shiver
           down my spine to awaken my darkness to
             to a greater light. For without that Spiritual
                 light my purpose on this earth would be
                           very dismal indeed.

AS the weeks ticked over, the need to be on the move again was slowly pushing my needs to be fulfilled once again, so Australia loomed up in my mind’s eye. Now that my bank account was almost where it usually was, Australia would be the cheapest stepping stone for my wandering and restless soul. So with that sense of satisfaction in my mind I settled down to life in New Zealand. I needed a cheap car which is the norm in my life style of living. My daughter Rachel had a girlfriend whose husband had a car to sell. ‘Give away’ would have been a better title for the word sell. It was a Honda 1500. He wanted $1200 for it. Yes, you’re right, it was an old bomb. Being an Irishman the word bomb was well ingrained in my vocabulary. It was registered, but needed a W.O.F. So I thought to myself after a drive in it, beggars can’t be choosers, I’ll take it providing it passes a W.O.F. So the owner took me to his mate’s garage and I got a very shady W.O.F. I’m quite sure the Testing Station in Takapuna would have advised me to take it to the tip had I gone there. But on receiving the W.O.F. I must admit that I was just as guilty as the guy that gave it to me. So with a set of wheels, and a six month reprieve under my belt, I now had enough time to schedule my return trip to Australia.

At this time I was living with my daughter and family so I had some extra money to spend on the things necessary for my fitness and enjoyment such as golf, tennis, swimming, music and snooker.

Being a Spiritual person wrapped in the philosophy of Christ with no attachment to any kind of religion other than to have a mixture of respect for them, I spotted an article in the local rag on this particular day which was headed ‘God and love’. Now that was nothing short of offering a red rag to a bull from the past experiences in my life. I have been to quite a few different Churches and venues where I eventually found out after I had been there for a period of time that God and love had taken a busman’s holiday on many occasions. So I said to myself, I’d better go and check it out. So I took myself off on this particular Sunday morning to a small hall in Glenfield, and found myself being welcomed into the arms of the Baha’i Faith.

Well to cut the story short, I did not join their clan, but I did make a lot of friends through going there, Baha'is and others, that helped to bring all sorts of colourful symbols for me to plant in the garden of my mind. There is no doubt in my mind that if you leave yourself open to everything that presents itself to you, you will eventually find yourself enfolded in the arms of God and nature.

Maybe this poem I have entitled, The Created Wave might hold some form of encouragement for you.

        I ride the crested wave of life. Each
          one upholds me in its loving arms,
       gently teaching me that I have no need
       to struggle to survive my personal impulses
         for God is always by my side inviting me to
      step into his arms where I don’t have to fight
            others or myself in order to survive.

One very interesting character I met from the Baha’i faith was a guy called Hedi Moani who hailed from Persia. Unfortunately he is no longer with us. He was murdered in Devonport, a part of the North Shore in Auckland. From the shallow form of information I received that surrounded his untimely departure from this earth, it seems that he took on more on his plate than he was capable of dealing with. Like so many other teachers of man’s so-called religion, Hedi had that need to be right about his beliefs, and all the things that held them together-and I say that with no disrespect to his memory.
I shudder to think what this kind of philosophy has done to human souls in all walks of life. Through the experiences that have been bestowed upon me, there is no doubt in my mind that you have to rely on your own God-given powers, not on the man made ones.

Hedi informed me that he was working on a book about his involvement in the Bahai Faith. I then told him that I was working on one I really knew something about, my own life experiences. He failed to note the real meaning behind that remark, so I didn’t pursue it, just grinned to myself. But it did grab his attention. He said that must be quite a challenge for you considering the lack of education, and the rough background you hailed from during your growing up years. I had told him a little about my father. I said yes, but when you take a good look at life, the only real choice you have is between what you think and what you feel, and what is most important to you. That seemed to hit him right where it needed to. He informed me that what he was working on was rough going from time to time. I said that I could well believe that because you are trying to retrace and probe the mind of others, which in my way of thinking is just about a sheer impossibility. I, on the other hand, am writing about what I myself have experienced,and had to deal with, and it has no sense of frustration or anything attached to it other than my inadequate sense of spelling!  

I Told Hedi during our conversation that I was planning to go back to Australia in roughly four months time and expose myself to whatever it had to offer me, as I was very much a people’s person. He said if you like a change of venue for that period of time, would you consider renting a room at my place for $80 dollars a week. I had paid him a short visit so I knew what to expect in regards to his offer. I said to to him with my usual type of enthusiasm when something is throw at me, make it $50 and I will try to something with that Godforsaken mess you call a garden. He agreed. I was quite happy living with my daughter and family, but that little sense or insensible voice inside me said go for it man, you could add a little more to your crazy life style, and maybe bring a few more colourful items to the pages of of your life.

I stayed with Hedi for the best part of of four months, and managed to get the garden into some kind of shape. He didn’t want to spend any money on it, so you can’t expect too much for nothing even though I know a lot of people who do! I had some good dialogue with him, which served both of us in some form or another. One of my sayings is. Open yourself to your conscience, and let your conscience decide. I may not be able to touch base at times, but there is always a learning smile or frown in the reflections.

I made some lovely friends from my association with Hedi, and still have a close contact with them. From time to time I meet up with them in the Takapuna Mall for a catch up chat, and something to eat and drink. I have permission to use one of my friend’s names. Wendy Harris is an amazing intelligent and caring lady. If you want to know anything about anything, Wendy is never far off the mark. She also has a great sense of humour and leaves nothing to be desired.

Another lovely man from the Bahi’s is Paul Bennett. He play’s guitar and sings. I went to see him perform on a number of occasions in different venues. One I remember quite clearly was the Strand Hotel on the corner of Parnell Road and Stanley Street. The fact that I remember it was because it was quite humorous. Paul usually asked me up to sing a couple of songs when I was in the early stages of airing my lungs in the music world. One of the songs I sang was called ‘ Anna Marie’. And because he introduced me as Terry the Irish singer, most of the crowd in the hotel bar thought it was an Irish song. Mind you, most of them had knocked back a few drinks, so rhyme or reason didn’t really come into the picture, as long as music did its thing.
That's round one, I will continue again in about a weeks time.