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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Dont Miss You

Now that I have a new computer and Skype on it, plus lots of other things to get lost in, I will continue with my blog. I have just been looking back over what I have written with a big grin on my face at some of the spelling but at least you have got to admit I try. Life to me is about taking chances. One missed can never be recovered. How it turns out is not important, but the doing is. My life more so over the last twenty five years have been  coloured with beautiful people and crazy situations, and its still happening today. I will be throwing some of them at you as I continue my blog.
Now I am going to give you something I wrote on 11-6-2008 as I start getting into my blog on my new computer. Its title is; Don’t Miss You.
The responsibilities we owe to ourselves and others when dealing with everyday life is something that brings upon our shoulders all kinds of emotional and financial burdens. So, how we tackle them will bring all sorts of extreme and diverse issues for us to work through, or maybe try and walk away from. But if we fail to take up the gauntlet we will miss that very special part of our humanity. I call it my Spirituality-can call it anything that turns you on.

So, in a nutshell, for the want of a better phrase, it comes down to this. How willing are you to become involved in life and living - that is the question you have to ask yourself - for that and only that will determine its outcome for you. The values that you experience and then deal with can be a blessing to others if you are willing to share them unconditionally - a lifeline for them to grasp when they need it most.

I believe this is very much the concept of being human. Yes, it will bring you a certain amount of suffering but you will eventually find, if you persist at it long enough, the balance between suffering and joy will be tipped in your favour. Living your life to its fullest can be equal to nothing you could ever hope to find elsewhere. And if you don’t believe me, try it for yourself and you’ll be hooked. I am.