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Sunday, 24 February 2013

A New Beginning

As I had to leave my Blog on the sideline till I completed the extended story of my life as I said I would, I am now getting back into my Blog. The reason why I have called it a new beginning because its little stories like this I am going to present to is what life and living is all about to me.

So I will try to keep myself in the background as much as possible.
A year or so ago a friend of mine attended a Portuguese language course at a school in Lisbon. He fell in with a fellow student and together in their spare time, they explored Lisbon, dined out a couple of times and shared a few beers. They still keep in touch via email. It turned out that the fellow student is a Congolese Franciscan priest who was sent to Lisbon to learn Portuguese in order to take up a post in Guinea Bissau (formerly a territory in Portuguese hands)

Guinea Bissau is a small, poverty stricken, internally troubled country on Africa’s west coast. In a recent email this priest asked my friend if he could explore the possibility of finding the means to donate a public address system PA to his particular church in Bissau (the capital city of Guinea Bissau), since the existing PA is forever breaking down and beyond economical repair. Now, my friend has previously sent a couple of small items to his friend in Guinea Bissau and found the cost of doing so quite steep. Multiply this to accommodate a vastly larger consignment and add on the cost of a reasonable quality PA, and you will understand why my friend has reluctantly informed his friend in Guinea Bissau that such a venture is a non-starter.

In a conversation with my friend, he had postulated that the most practical solution might be to try and get an internationally respected manufacture of PAs interested in the project with a view to using it as an advertising ploy since such a firm might have the financial means and a network of associates much geographically closer to Guinea Bissau than New Zealand.

When I heard this story I decided to include it in this blog in hope that some philanthropically minded random reader of means might discover and take an interest in it. If there is such a person out there, which I’m sure there is, then please contact me by email. This could be a new beginning for both of us, or many of us.

If you would like to assist in some way please get in touch via the contact form on this website.