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Sunday, 21 October 2012


Instalment Four.

I said on my last blog that I would share some of the strange things that were happening to me on this my birthday month on my last blog, but due to certain circumstances, I am obliged to hold fire on them till the timing is right. So I will continue with the stuff that I Have already been throwing at you. But before I do I will share something I found out quite by chance about a week ago that has kept me puzzled since it first arrived on my doorstep in 1996. A guy arrived at this house where I was renting a room looking for me. So the owner called me out to meet him. He, said to me I have some papers for you to sign. Your wife wishes to divorce you, so I need you to sign these papers if you will. So puzzled, but quite willing to oblige, I signed them. Later, and until a week ago it had crossed my mind times why did my wife a devout Catholic want to divorce me. That was definitely not in keeping with the strangled faith I had been dragged up in. You can read about that in my book, and the sequel to it coming up. Anyway, my puzzled mind was satisfied by one of those strange happenings I mentioned that was happening to me this month. 

My friend and I were having something to eat after he had me on his radio show, when he noticed this man and a woman entwined in a spiritual conversation. I also noticed them. Now by whatever strange coincidence you may deem it, or otherwise, we both left at the same time. But it gets more intriguing because the lady was in deep conversation with the man with her, right beside my car, and my friends car next to me. Then to put the icing on the cake, my friend said to me, should we talk to them. I said you talk to them. I consider myself a teacher, not a student. Been there. So he did. And do you know what, we winded up going back to this lady’s house and my friend fixed up a problem that she was having trying to contact her son on skype in Australia. It was later that I found out from her, that my marriage could not have been annulled had not my wife divorced me in civil law. So at last my curiosity has been satisfied, but not my sense of wisdom behind it all. I believe in building Bridges, not Barriers.

I am going to leave you with a little poem that was given to me many years ago. As parents, teachers and lovers I think we should take a good look at this poem. It came to me when I needed it most, like so many other things have

          My happiness is me, not you.
          Not only because you may be temporary,
         But also because you want me to be what I am not.
        I cannot be happy when I change
        Merely to satisfy your selfishness.
        Nor can I feel content when you criticise me for not
         thinking your thoughts,
        Or for seeing like you do.
         You call me a rebel.
         And yet each time I have rejected your beliefs
         You have rebelled against mine.
         I do not try to mold your mind.
         I know you are trying hard enough to be just you.
         And I cannot allow you to tell me what to be,
         for I am concentrating on being me.

         You said that I was transparent

         And easily forgotten.
         But why then did you try to use my lifetime,
         To prove to yourself who you are?

You might say what happened to her. Well Michelle choose to move on at the age of twenty. I also knew a beautiful lady called Michelle who found it too hard to stay with us. I mentioned it in my book.

I hope that I am reaching out to some of you. Maybe I have something to offer you .The talent entrusted to me, I believe is for you to consciously determine what you want to be. To identify yourself until you become one with yourself. It's not an easy slog, but the rewards are more beautiful than I could ever express.

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