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Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Blackbird and Terry

About four years ago, my niece Mona invited me to come and visit her and her family at their home in a place called Boya in Perth. She said she I will send you the money for your airfare. I met her for the first time and her two daughters, Casey And Niki, four months previous when she and her daughters came over to visit my daughter Rachel and her family.

Anyway, I jumped at the chance to see Perth. I had been to Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney so that would leave two main cities, Adelaide and Darwin for me to check out. To date Sydney has been the city that has impressed me the most. I spent three years there, and got into all sorts of things. My book A Walk With An Irishman explains that.

So in my birthday month of October, I spent four very interesting weeks in that part of the world. While I was there, I rang my lovely neighbour, Charmaine Milne. After we exchanged greetings, she said,"Terry, you would find it hard to believe, but a Blackbird is building a nest on a wooden beam on your porch". I have been fascinated watching it putting this nest together on this narrow beam "I said to her, I am over the moon to hear that, for I have a very deep affinity with Blackbirds". As a matter of fact I find birds very spiritual creatures.

When I got back to my place, I felt very privileged that this beautiful bird had built her nest so close to my heart. As time went by I could hear the young ones calling out for food, till eventually they left the nest. I kept well away from the nest, for no way did I wish to upset the great honour that this bird had blessed my life with.

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