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Saturday, 15 September 2012


A Walk with An Irishman
An accomplished interactor

As a person who loves to change direction with the drop of a hat because I believe it gives me more leeway to express myself as the person that I am. And though you may find a sense of craziness attached to it, the foundations are honest, otherwise I would be building them on sand.
As I am running late this week I had a quick search among my bits and pieces so as to keep my blog on its weekly bases, so here it comes.
I was in a pub called The Bog in Parnell about three years ago where I have been singing for a number of years, when I met a real nice guy called Ted. We got talking before I left that night and shared a number of things about our lives. He lived in San Diego. Anyway I told him that I would send him one of the first books I had written about my life, and here is a copy of the letter I got back from him.

Terry.                        Sun, March, 15.2009(already?)
We are gearing up around here for the biggest day of the year in pubs on both coasts and many cities. Interestingly, St Pats day is not big here in the USA in rural areas.

Here in the San Diego area, there is an incredible network of Irish folks including Irish musicians and singers. I just came from an Irish pub that has me all pumped up. And a couple of weeks ago, I saw something in an Irish band that really surprised me; a black guy with long ugly hair playing a guitar!

I have read your book and will pass it on for others” enlightenment. Thank you again for sending it. I don’t know too many famous authors. It is extremely well-written and obviously from the heart. Seeing as how you write the King’s English modified in Ireland, it is amazin that there was only one set of initials I didn’t understand. And there was some gaps in the story too, weren’t there.

How an “old” guy with little or no money can have so much fun traveling, golfing, playing tennis and pool etc is beyond me. Good on ya!

After much thought and endless phone conversations with the airline, I’ve decided to return to the Auckland area for a holiday in May. I’II arrive around 14 May for about 2 I/2 weeks. Please use your influence with you know who to arrange for nice weather. I’II be in touch as the dates get closer.

I hope this finds you hail and hearty and recovering from your Island vacation.
All ok here. Hope same for you.
Cheerio, Ted.
You might say what compelled me to share this with you. Was it my ego, or wanting to make new friends, or maybe to test new ground. Well to be honest Id have to say a little of each.  What do you think?

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