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Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Blackbird and Terry

About four years ago, my niece Mona invited me to come and visit her and her family at their home in a place called Boya in Perth. She said she I will send you the money for your airfare. I met her for the first time and her two daughters, Casey And Niki, four months previous when she and her daughters came over to visit my daughter Rachel and her family.

Anyway, I jumped at the chance to see Perth. I had been to Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney so that would leave two main cities, Adelaide and Darwin for me to check out. To date Sydney has been the city that has impressed me the most. I spent three years there, and got into all sorts of things. My book A Walk With An Irishman explains that.

So in my birthday month of October, I spent four very interesting weeks in that part of the world. While I was there, I rang my lovely neighbour, Charmaine Milne. After we exchanged greetings, she said,"Terry, you would find it hard to believe, but a Blackbird is building a nest on a wooden beam on your porch". I have been fascinated watching it putting this nest together on this narrow beam "I said to her, I am over the moon to hear that, for I have a very deep affinity with Blackbirds". As a matter of fact I find birds very spiritual creatures.

When I got back to my place, I felt very privileged that this beautiful bird had built her nest so close to my heart. As time went by I could hear the young ones calling out for food, till eventually they left the nest. I kept well away from the nest, for no way did I wish to upset the great honour that this bird had blessed my life with.

Saturday, 15 September 2012


A Walk with An Irishman
An accomplished interactor

As a person who loves to change direction with the drop of a hat because I believe it gives me more leeway to express myself as the person that I am. And though you may find a sense of craziness attached to it, the foundations are honest, otherwise I would be building them on sand.
As I am running late this week I had a quick search among my bits and pieces so as to keep my blog on its weekly bases, so here it comes.
I was in a pub called The Bog in Parnell about three years ago where I have been singing for a number of years, when I met a real nice guy called Ted. We got talking before I left that night and shared a number of things about our lives. He lived in San Diego. Anyway I told him that I would send him one of the first books I had written about my life, and here is a copy of the letter I got back from him.

Terry.                        Sun, March, 15.2009(already?)
We are gearing up around here for the biggest day of the year in pubs on both coasts and many cities. Interestingly, St Pats day is not big here in the USA in rural areas.

Here in the San Diego area, there is an incredible network of Irish folks including Irish musicians and singers. I just came from an Irish pub that has me all pumped up. And a couple of weeks ago, I saw something in an Irish band that really surprised me; a black guy with long ugly hair playing a guitar!

I have read your book and will pass it on for others” enlightenment. Thank you again for sending it. I don’t know too many famous authors. It is extremely well-written and obviously from the heart. Seeing as how you write the King’s English modified in Ireland, it is amazin that there was only one set of initials I didn’t understand. And there was some gaps in the story too, weren’t there.

How an “old” guy with little or no money can have so much fun traveling, golfing, playing tennis and pool etc is beyond me. Good on ya!

After much thought and endless phone conversations with the airline, I’ve decided to return to the Auckland area for a holiday in May. I’II arrive around 14 May for about 2 I/2 weeks. Please use your influence with you know who to arrange for nice weather. I’II be in touch as the dates get closer.

I hope this finds you hail and hearty and recovering from your Island vacation.
All ok here. Hope same for you.
Cheerio, Ted.
You might say what compelled me to share this with you. Was it my ego, or wanting to make new friends, or maybe to test new ground. Well to be honest Id have to say a little of each.  What do you think?

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Don't Miss You

Last week I mentioned in my last blog that I would give you a little run down on a trip That I took to the to the South Island of New Zealand, but unfortunately I can’t find the main item That I believed gave it it’s real flavor. So for the present I will give you a little something I wrote to try and help someone celebrate their own humanness. Thats why I gave it the Title, Don’t Miss You.

The responsibilities we owe to ourselves and others when dealing with everyday life is something that brings upon our shoulders all kinds of emotional and financial burdens. So, how we tackle them will bring all sorts of extreme and diverse issues for us to work through, or maybe try and walk away from. But if we fail to take up the gauntlet we will miss that very special part of ourselves that we never fully realised was always deep down below the surface of our humanity.. I call it my Spirituality - you can call it anything that turns you on.
So, in a nutshell, for the want of a better phrase, it comes down to this. How willing are you to become involved in life and living - that is the question you have to ask yourself - for that and only that will determine its outcome for you. The values that you experience and then deal with can be a blessing to others if you are willing to share them unconditionally - a lifeline for them to grasp when they need it most.

I believe this is very much the concept of being human. Yes, it will bring you a certain amount of suffering but you will eventually find, if you persist at it long enough, the balance between suffering and joy will be tipped in your favour. Living your life to its fullest can be equal to nothing you could ever hope to find elsewhere. And if you don’t believe me, try it for yourself, you’ll be hooked.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

The Moon’s Spiritual effect on me

I have come to have a wonderful Spiritual affiliation with the moon over the last few months. And on a clear night when I look at it in wonder, I praise the God within me for this deep sense of wonder that it brings me along with all the wonder experiences that are taking place in my life. A new awaking would be would be a good way to describe it. So I will share a few of these experiences with you.

A few Monday’s ago just as I was walking out of my little unit in Northcote to head for The Thirsty Dog pub in Karangahape Rd, my eye’s became glued to the beautiful presence of this curved Moon placed right in front of me. I must have stood there looking at it for two three or four minutes before I got into my car, and headed for the pub. I go there to a music session every Monday to sing and keep time with my little music egg. 

After the session had finished as I picked up my chair to leave, I knocked it against my right leg, the one that had been reconstructed about six years ago, and knew straight away I was once more in trouble with it. Due to my age and other factors the skin on it is very delicate on it. By the way you are in all probability wondering what the hell he is doing taking a chair around with him for. Well nearly three years ago I was heading for The Thirsty Dog when this guy came right across the main road I was driving on and just about took the engine out of my star studded Starlet Honda. Anyway not to harp on about the outcome was I was left with a back more aging than it would have been under normal circumstances. When the cops came along they told me that he was three times over the limit. I thought to myself later how lucky my family and I were not getting hurt in anyway when my father drove round like a lunatic when he got tanked up calling at all the pubs on the way home after a picnic when we lived in Bray. 

So I made my way home and put a dressing on my leg, and climbed into bed. I would not have mentioned the accident to my leg had it not had a follow up which I will relay to you later.
The next day my good young friend Patrick O’Reilly rang me to say that he had found a bigger screen for my computer. The old eyes are not what they used to be. Mind you neither is the rest of me but far from me to complain about it. I still believe I lived a charmed life. 

Later my lovely daughter Rachel came to see me. Always a very special time for me. That same day Tuesday I got my W.O. F. It was pay day so I was able to pay for a little job to be done on it. Apart from my leg problem I was feeling on top of the world. Later in the evening the next day Patrick came out and fixed the bigger screen to my computer. He has been a God sent person to me over the last three years. Had it not been for him, I don’t believe that I would be writing this blog today, or writing my next book, poems and quotes, plus how I am now able to communicate to family, friends and people all over the world. 

Then my other good friend joined us for a music session. Terry has been coming to entertain me on a Wednesday for a number of years to date. I will explain that in more detail in my next book as I will about some of the things I am cutting short no this blog. It’s not a book I am trying to write here, just a blog. I get carried away very easily as you may see by now.
After a great night of music, something to eat, we had a lot of laughter over some of the topics we discussed. This is also a real learning experience for each of us. 

The following evening another good friend took me to a cafe called 121 in Ponsonby Rd and treated me to my favorite dish of cake, cream and tea. And then adds a ginger beer to make sure I wash everything down. I must say I do love being spoilt at times. Then a little later the music tops off the rest of the evening. What more could one ask for. If you know, please let me know.

Then on Saturday Patrick called over and after lunch we went to the R.S.A. in Birkenhead to play snooker. I used to play it when I was in the R.A.F. Snooker, golf and chess are the games I love most. Then after an enjoyable four games we came back to my place and had something to eat, and later he played the guitar and sang a few songs. After he left I noticed my leg was not looking to good even though I dressed it every evening before I went to bed. So I took myself off to the emergency medical center for safety sake. The doctor after questioning me to how it happened and the other things that were necessary to know about my health and so forth, sent me to the nurse on duty to have it dressed. Well what a beauty she was. yes theres still life in the old dog yet. And when I feel theres not, I hope I can pass on. We got chatting and and had a few laughs, then she said before I left that I should get it looked at on the Monday by my own doctor just to keep things on the safe side. I told her that I had a fabulous doctor who had his practice along with other doctors in Dodson Ave. I said his name was doctor Luke Ivancevic. Everytime I go to see him when its my turn, he comes to the waiting room, puts his arm round my shoulder, and gently leads me into his room. She said I now, I now work there. I will do you dressing when you come on Monday. Do you call that a coincidence or not. Since I changed my life around in 1990 I never cease to be amazed at these kind of things that happen in my life. I would love to be able to elaborate on them in greater detail, but I don’t profess a writer. But I do love to write in my simple form, and try to expand on it as best I can. 

Not long after I got to the waiting room I was called in by a nurse other than the one I had met in the emergency center. She took me into a room they have for dressings, and so forth. While I was there that other nurse that I mentioned came in and said. I see you are in good hands. Well she took my breath away all dressed in red. Then doctor Luke came in to look at my leg. The lady I will now remember as the lady in red had I believe told him about me. So I said to him referring to the lady in red, that lovely angel took care of me last Saturday. Then very quickly I had to say, now there are two angles here. The other smiled at my poor attempt to cover myself by my first omission of her, and said more or less I don’t mind coming in second. Mind you she was quite a stunner too. I took the liberty of giving her a hug before I left. And I’m still here to tell the story. 

I now have a strong feeling that my new association with the Moon has helped me to share these experiences I have related to you on this blog of mine. And I will continue to follow this line of thinking and doing, but will not allow myself to become addicted by it. For if the Moon can affect me like this, then there is no end to what I can have by looking closer to what Mother nature has to offer me.

Next week I have a short story to tell you about a little trip to the South Island of New Zealand to visit my son and his wife. I may have got a bit carried away with this blog, but if I was to pass on before my next one, at the very least I have left a little more behind me. The moment is the most precious time we have.