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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Who knows what I will say next?

As I continue with my weekly blog I will take extracts from the last book I wrote, and the one I am writing along with other situations that I get thrown into, or fall into. This one is from my last book.
I’ll never forget the day I was walking down Williams Street with my tennis racket to catch the train to Town Hall to take me to Jansens tennis club and a man approached me from The Church of Scientology in Pitt Street. He asked me if I could spare the time to go into a nearby building and fill in a questionnaire. There was a time when I would have said, “Sorry.” and left it at that, but since I’d found the courage to open the Door of Life and Him in curiosity came beckoning to me in all shapes and sizes, as you might have already gathered. Caution was no longer a word in my dictionary. In its place I inserted challenge, to whatever degree I was capable of. What was the point of me dying before I’d made some sense of living? 
I said yes, I’d be quite happy to oblige. The man took me into the building, sat me at a desk and placed the questionnaire before me. He said, “ When you’ve finished put your hand up and someone will look after you.” With a sense of amusement running through me I completed the questionnaire and held up my hand.
Well, they mustn’t have been too busy that day because no sooner had I put my hand up than a lady came over and sat down in front of me. She had a lovely smile. She introduced herself then proceeded to decipher my answers. When she’d finished she said, “ From my calculations, based on these answers, your self-esteem and love life seem to to drop right off our chart scale. Everything else is good.” As she was an attractive women I said to her, with a sheepish look on my face, “ Would you like to sleep with me? “ Well, the guy sitting next to me heard what I’d said and nearly cracked up. The lady gave me one of those strange, disarming smiles that could have said “yes” or no” or “ you cheeky bastard” , As I bowed to her and took my leave.
My tennis wasn’t the best that day. I kept remembering the look on the lady’s face and I couldn’t stop laughing. I’d even go so far as to say we both got a few laughs from it, and I’ll always respect her for not making a big deal out of it. A top rate lady in my book.
Till I come your way next week week with God knows what have a great week because I intend too.


  1. Hi Terry,

    It is great to see you sharing some of your life experiences and spiritual knowledge on this blog. I look forward to reading your next entry and you are an inspiration!

    Well Done!

    1. Hi,

      Thanks a lot for your kind words. Every little bit of encouragement helps to keep me on track.