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Tuesday, 7 August 2012


As I continue to express myself on my blog as a spiritual person I will be coming at you lovely people with all sorts of things who are more or less on the same wavelength as myself.
And if you wish to respond please feel free to express yourself as you wish for I am as broadminded as the horizon itself.
The word rapture to me has a marvelous sense of madness about it because I have experienced it. Yes , Like most of you I've experienced pain and what ties in with it. Most of it I now believe because I allowed myself to be victimised. If one allows him or herself to become a victim the dark clouds are forever rolling in.
It wasn't till I was sixty years of age that I slowly became aware of the word rapture when I started to reach down inside myself.
The answer was always there but I let fear and doubt get in the way simply because I had little faith in myself.
But when I started to draw from the wealth of my inner creation a whole new world opened it's doors to me in all shapes and sizes and brought me into contact with all sorts of lovely people and books that have enriched my life forever.

I can't remember where I found this quote but I give it to you with all my heart.

To live the life you love, you must do what you love and you can't chose what you love, you can only discover it.

Now that you have some idea of where I am coming from I will share things about my past and present as I continue my blogs, and hope to hear how you are responding to life and living.


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