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Saturday, 18 August 2012

How would I describe myself ?


Well to begin with a bit of a rebel without any doubt. I withhold nothing that I believe will in someway help others or myself. I can be disloyal to myself at times because I feel I need to achieve. There is a restless sense of obstinacy that I must reach certain goals that I have set for myself, and at the same realize at times I must settle for less. And that is what I am now coming to terms with, because by not pushing myself too hard, I can deal with with a better frame of mind with the unexpected when it arrives.
I have a great respect for the mysterious. It has always followed me as a child, and into my later years. And I don’t try to question it, but observe it. I really believe that the great downfall of man is that he must have answers for just about everything. Well, there is no way we can see, do, or understand everything. But from a more logical viewpoint we can be a part of many things. In that I believe there is a good sense of satisfaction.
We are instruments of love, because love endures all things.
So what I have learned that is most important in the circle of my life to date is the fact that I live in a world that can be both brutal and hypocritical, and at the same time be loving and very beautiful. And so being a lover of humanity and nature I chose the latter. And the reason I do is because I am into the following in a very enthusiastic way. Music, singing, writing, stimulating dialogue, golf,chess, swimming and snooker and whatever other types of challenge that may present itself to me. I will try to be involved in these things in some form or another till I am called to give an account of my life on this earth.  

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