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Sunday, 29 July 2012

New Spiritual Beginning

By a new spiritual beginning I mean another leap into the exciting unknown.
From today on I wish to share a little more of myself to those who feel in a somewhat similar vein as I find myself today and hope that you will respond as the feeling s take you as I start my blog.
My name is Terry Robinson, born in Ireland and now living in New Zealand.
I will start the ball rolling with the things I love to be involved with ,then write one of my poems just to see what the universe may throw my way!
Singing,writing,swimming,snooker,chess and socializing are on the top of my list.
To finish my new beginning for the week here is one of the poems I wrote

My Aim

My aim in life is not to be well known,
but yet not unknown.
To Translate my beliefs into some
form of action and to speculate
and reason rather than to argue
my point of view whether it be
misleading or acceptable to those
it may though in some form or another.

Monday, 23 July 2012

New Beginning

This is my first entry to my blog . I have a busy week ahead of music writing and socialising and I look forward to sharing experiences over the coming weeks and months.